Wight isn't everything.

I cry almost everytime I put food in my mouth. Knowing that it's just gonna make things worse.
I hate being fat.
And I hate society.
No one will love me.
No one.


2. Getting irritated

Kim's pov 
I heard sobbing in Riley's change room. I thought maybe she just a had a little cold. 
But when I peaked through the crak in the door of the changing room, I saw her sitting in the corner crying. 
I knocked on the door. 
"Riley?" I asked. 
"Yeah, won't be a minnute" she faked. 
I know something's up with her. She's been acting really Werid lately. I don't know what's up with her. 
As far as I know everything's fine at home, plus she's absolutely gorgeous. 
She's not the skinniest, but she's not fat either. She's well built, but I KNOW for a fact that she thinks she's fat. 
I wish she could see her the way I do. 

Riley's pov 
"Yeah, won't be a minnute" I said to Kim. 
I stood up and looked in the mirror. 
I wiped my face and put my clothes back on. 
I walked out of the change room and put a massive smile on my face. 
"You guys ready?" I asked as I walked out. 
"Yeah, wanna get some Ice cream or doughnuts?" Amber asked. 
My smile dropped. 
"Uh, nah. I- I'm nt really hungry" I stuttered. It annoyed me that they could eat anything and not gain any weight.  
"Hmm yeah, me either" Kim joined in. 
I dot know why, but Kim's never not hungry. 

~that night- 

Riley's pov. 
I logged onto kik. 
I had a message from zac. 
Zac: you weren't at school yesterday? 
Me: yeah, Fridays aren't my day. 
Zac: I missed you. 
Me: wouldn't have made a difference if I was or wasn't tere. You act like I'm nothing. 
See, me and zac have been on and off for a year and a half. 
Well, by on and off I mean seeing eachother. 
He never takes it further. 
He'll talk to me for a week and a bit, take me out and then stop talkig I me until I get with one of his mates. 
Zac: I get busy. 
Me: sure. 
Zac: so... What's happening? 
This is why I hate boys. I'm in love with someone who doesn't give a damn about me. 
But yet, I still can't hate him. 
Me: nothing. Just about to get in the bath, actually. 
Zac: oh, we'll see ya later :) 
And that's why I hate him. Seems like he didn't want to even talk to me. 
I got up and went into the bathroom and let the water run for the bath. 

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