Wight isn't everything.

I cry almost everytime I put food in my mouth. Knowing that it's just gonna make things worse.
I hate being fat.
And I hate society.
No one will love me.
No one.


1. Change room tears

Riley's pov
I was walking through the mall with a couple of my friends. 
Well, to be exact, a couple of my really skinny, pretty friends. 
Tbh, I never liked shopping. See, I'm what society would call fat. 
And they would also call me ugly. 
I have long, thick brownhair and big brown eyes. 
Nothing soecial or pretty. 
Probably why I have no self confidence. 
My friends try on all these clothes and they look stunning. 
They buy size 6 shorts and size 4 tops. 
But they eat EVERYTHING. 
"Riley, you gonna show us what that top looks like?" Kim asked. 
Kim was the prettiest, most nicest person ever. Not popular, but a lot of people like her. She has brownish reddish long hair. Doesn't look fake or ratty tho. Suits her. 
She also has bright blue eyes. But calling her My bestfriend would be a good way to describe her. 
Honestly, I don't know why she likes me. 
"Pardon?" I asked pretending I didt hear her. 
"You gonna show us that top?" She asked again. 
"Yeah, I would show you" I said under my breath while trying to squeeze into the shirt "but it doesn't seem to fit". 
"Hunny?" I heard Kim say. 
"Ewww" I shriek "so not me" I acted. 
"What do you mean?" Amber asked she was my other best friend. Dirty, short blond hair. Blue eyes. And resly funny. Seemed to fit in too. 
"Oh, you don't wanna know" I told them. 
"Can I have a look?" Kim asked. 
"Nah, not worth it" I said. 
I took the shirt off and sat in the corner ofthe change room. 
 A tear fell down my face. 
Another shirt that doesn't fit. 
I have the worst body ever. 
I hate myself. 

Authors note ~ 
Hey guys :) this is my first movella an I thought id do it about girls and how they feel. 
I know most girls will relate so if you don't, good for you. 
Anyways, I won't be taking hate. 
Only advice.  
So please help me get more readers and I'll get more books out :) 
Love Beth 🌻

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