The Alphabet life..

If you are still three or four. Studying in the kindergarden, you may know the Alphabet. (The simple one), but let me tell you. There is something more complicated- The Alphabet life. Which really describes my life in an Alpabet form. Just fun...


2. the stupid A

My Alphabet:

A- Appreciation

Especially in my age. Appreciation is extremely important. Appreciation for teachers. Appreciation for our classmates. We need to pretend that we are nice to others, to make the teachers to appreciate you. One of my classmates, Valerie, did this so perfectly. ( PS I hate her!). She PRETEND to be good in front of the teachers, especially the class teacher. However, in front of us, the classmates. She is so ' priceness style', she think that other are her servant and she is the princess. She demands us to do things for her. Of course, I would never ever do it for her.

Next, let me you why we need to get our classmates appreciation.

One time, our class have a vote on doing class prefects. Someone that always gets classmates appreciation wins. (Riddiculous, that person XX is very naughty)


So, you see appreciation is very important to us. Therefore I put it in my 'complicated alphabet'. This is only a tiny part of my 'romance' teenager life.


Dear readers,

WOW.. Thsi chapter ends, and for the next section I am going to write some romance thingys. Pls enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS add coments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Spooky Cat

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