Teenage drama

I look you dead in the eyes
And I smile
I play with my hair and bite my lip
Sometimes I lean on you or nudge you a bit
You think it's just a game
You think I'm like that with everyone
But have you ever really looked at the way I am with everyone else?
I don't lean on just anyone
I don't just bite my lip randomly because it might taste good
I do these little things to try and get your attention
And tbh I don't think it's working
Because if it was
I would have kissed you by now
But instead I'm just wasting my time on someone who won't ever care enough to notice


7. Thinking about mum

Riley's pov 
I woke up with Niall laying next to me, stealing the blanket as usual. 
He was fast asleep. 
I had a warm, fuzzy feeling in my stomach. 
The most amazing night of my life happened last night. I'm actually suprised I fell asleep. I remember when I had my first kiss I couldn't sleep that night. 
Yeah I know. Kinda lame, but I get excited over stupid things. 
Niall was Snoring. And really loud too. 
I looked at my phone. 
6:30 am. I was never gonna get back to sleep now. 
I got up and went to the living room. 
I turned the tv on, and of course I saw mum. 
A year ago my mother went to prison for murdering my dad. 
Why dd she do it? 
Well, me and my dad were really close. 
Tbh I hated my mum. And she hated the fact that we were close. 
I will never forgive her. 
"Heyyyyyy, sexy girlfriend of mine. Oop oop oop oop oop" Niall came singing gangnam style with his own twist of course 
"Hahah, funny" I said with sarcasm. 
"Yeah, I get that a lot" he said while coming to sit next to me. 
"Did you have fun lat night?" He asked me with a wink. 
I decided to play a trick. 
"Uh, last night?" I questioned
"You know, when we..." He said slowly 
"When we what?" I asked again 
"Are you serious? OMG did I dream that? Because that's actually so embaressing" he said while blushing. 
"Ohhhh, that" I said. "Yeah, that was alright" 
"Alright?" He asked "babe, I'll show you alright" 
He picked me up and carried me to the room for round 2. 

Helloooooo my lovely readers :) 
Ok, idk why I'm gonna tell you all this, but I am.  
So on saturdy (aus time) my bestfriend had her 17th bday party. 
I was so drunk. 
Like realy drunk. 
Anyways I hooked up with the guy I like, but, I don't remember it. 
Like I remember it, but I don't. 
So it really sucks. 
But his sister said he thinks I'm a good kisser lol 
But yeah, that was my weekend haha 

Btw, I wish Niall new I existed. 
They came to my town in Australia like 2 weeks ago and I was gonna see them live. 
But I gave my tickets away to a teacher at my school bc her daughter has cancer (kinda where I got the idea for the story) and wanted to go but didn't have tickets. 
Aren't I a nice person? 
But I'm glad I did :) 
I luZ u all 
Stay cool 
Love beffy 💕

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