Teenage drama

I look you dead in the eyes
And I smile
I play with my hair and bite my lip
Sometimes I lean on you or nudge you a bit
You think it's just a game
You think I'm like that with everyone
But have you ever really looked at the way I am with everyone else?
I don't lean on just anyone
I don't just bite my lip randomly because it might taste good
I do these little things to try and get your attention
And tbh I don't think it's working
Because if it was
I would have kissed you by now
But instead I'm just wasting my time on someone who won't ever care enough to notice


2. Getting what I want

Nialls pov 
"Riley, my good friend Riley" I said to her. 
For some reason her smile droppe tho. Like she didn't wanna hear that. 
"Haha, Niall, haven't seen you in a couple of weeks" she said "how have you been?"she then asked
"I've been pretty good, me and Katie are doing great actually. What about you?" I replied 
"Yeah, could be better" she laughed akwardly. 

Riley's pov 
"Yeah, could be better" I laughed nervously 
I was so jealous of Niall and Katie. I guess I'm never gonna have a fairy tale romance. 
"Wanna talk about it?" Niall brought me out of my throughts. 
"Nah, you know what, I think I'm gonna go home" I said. 
It was 1:30 am and I was pretty tired. 
"Oh, alright then" he said "maybe we can catch up this week?" He asked. 
A date? But he has a girlfriend.... 
Ugh boys. 
"Uh, yeah sure" I smile "text me sometime this week then" lol 
I knew he wasn't gonna text me. 
He's a boy, he doesn't care. 

~ a week later~ 
Riley's pov 
Me and Niall have been texting all day everyday for the past week. 
Him and Katie broke up. 
Yeah, sure you guys were doing good. 
Oh, and he wants to go see a movie sometime.
This is great. This is real great. 
"Riley" my mother screamed from down stairs. 
Yay, not again. 
I ran down stairs and into the kitchen, but keeping my distance. 
"So, uh, how were your grades this semester?" She asked me. 
She obviously knew the answer because my report card is in her friggen hand. 
"I don't know. Why don't you tell me?" I spat at her. 
"Get out" she yelled. "Get out, get out, get out" 
I started to run upstairs but she stopped me. 
"I mean leave" she said "get your things and never come back" she said. 
Was she serious? 
Me and mum have fights all the time and I always try to get kicked out. 
Now I've finally done it. 
Should have failed every test a long time ago! 
I grabbed my phone and started calling Niall. 
"Hey" I said. 
"Oh, Riley, he-" 
"Can I come to ur house and stay with u for a couple days, mum kicked me out" I interrupted him. 
" I don't want her to change her mind, please!" I begged. 
"Uh, yeah sure." He said. 
"THANKYOU!" I yelled. "You you in an hour" 
"Alright, I'll clean my room" he joked. 
Wait, was I gonna be sleeping in his room? 
This could get interesting. 


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