Teenage drama

I look you dead in the eyes
And I smile
I play with my hair and bite my lip
Sometimes I lean on you or nudge you a bit
You think it's just a game
You think I'm like that with everyone
But have you ever really looked at the way I am with everyone else?
I don't lean on just anyone
I don't just bite my lip randomly because it might taste good
I do these little things to try and get your attention
And tbh I don't think it's working
Because if it was
I would have kissed you by now
But instead I'm just wasting my time on someone who won't ever care enough to notice


3. Awkward stares

Nialls pov 
She didn't even bother knocking on the door. 
She just walked in. 
"Oh. Hello Riley" I said "what are you doing here?" I joked. 
"You serious?" She asked 
"Dude, I'm joking" I laughed.
"I got kicked out" she said. 
She came over to the couch and sat down. 
She smiled. 
She seemed relieved. 
"Ad that's a good thing because...?" I questioned. 
"Beause I dot have to put up with mums crap" she said happily 
"What do you wanna do?" She then asked me. 
"I-I dokt really know" I admitted. 
"OMG, let's play xbox. Gta5!" She yelled excitedly at me 
"Haha sure " I said while going to set it up. 

Riley's pov 
We were sitting on the couch together. I just wanted to kiss him. But I totally couldn't! 
That would be.. I don't know. But I don't think he'd take it well. 
"OMG let's play cta5" I yelled at him. 
He got up and started to set it up. 

~3 hours later~ 
"You're gonna die" he told me. 
"Yes, yes iam" I admitted 
"Huh?" He seemed confused. 
"I'm gonna die because it's late and we need thing thjng called sleep" I said. 
"Haha, fine fine" he said while turning the phone off. 
"Well, I'll see you tomorrow morning" I told him 
"Oh, you're not gonna come in my room?" He said. But he seemed unsure 
"Uh.. Am I?" I asked him. He stared at me for a seccond. 
It was really akward. 
"Race you up there" I said as I jumped up and started running. 
I was follows by him shorty after. 

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