Teenage drama

I look you dead in the eyes
And I smile
I play with my hair and bite my lip
Sometimes I lean on you or nudge you a bit
You think it's just a game
You think I'm like that with everyone
But have you ever really looked at the way I am with everyone else?
I don't lean on just anyone
I don't just bite my lip randomly because it might taste good
I do these little things to try and get your attention
And tbh I don't think it's working
Because if it was
I would have kissed you by now
But instead I'm just wasting my time on someone who won't ever care enough to notice


6. An odd, but amazing night

~ a month later ~

Riley's pov. 
Me an Niall have been together for a month now. 
I get to have 6 more weeks with him before he has To go to the hospital. 
He has to stay there for his last two weeks. 
I know for most people that 6 weeks would be a lot, but it truly isn't. 
It hurts eerytime I see him just staring at something. I alsways do the stupid thing and ask:
"What are you thinking about?" 
And of course he says:
"This is the last time I'll be seeing this, I wanna make the most of it, I wanna try and see something I've never seen before" 
And then he does this sad smile.  
I actually break a little more each time he does that smile. 
And without him, I will actually fall appart. 

I was sitting on my bed just about to fall asleep and Niall came in. 
"I think we should have sex" he bursts out. 
"Um, wait, what?" I asked. 
See, I was a virgin. 
I know, 17 and a virgin? 
I'm actually proud of myself even though most people would judge me for it. 
"I want to take your virginity" he said while coming to sit next to me. 
I just stared at him for a while, until he kissed me. 
It was a deep passionate kiss. 
His tounge entered my mouth as he rolled on top of me. 
His hands went to the bottom of my shirt, ripping it off. 
Not long after he threw the sheets over us, giving us privacy from the rest of the world. 
Givin me the most amazing night of my life. 

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