Don't let go (a Larry Stylinson story)

Harry regrets not making the most of his time with Louis. So when he is given a second chance he goes back in time to make things right he learns to never let go of anything.


2. Heart broken

I wiped away my tears and looked into the mirror. Fifteen years ago Louis and I met in this very same bathroom at X factor. It seemed like sparks flew then. Now they had burnt out. If only I could go back and change everything. I took a swig from the bottle next to me. I knew drinking was bad for my health but I couldn't help it. It made me feel better. I hit the mirror in frustration. "Stupid, stupid, stupid!" I said aloud to myself. Crimson blood ran down my arm. I looked back at my shattered refelection in the mirror, I felt drowsy and weak. I took anouther swig from my bottle. I was drunk. I fought the urge to pass out but the darkness pulled me down, drowning me. The last thing I heard was Louis's voice. "Don't let go..."
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