Don't let go (a Larry Stylinson story)

Harry regrets not making the most of his time with Louis. So when he is given a second chance he goes back in time to make things right he learns to never let go of anything.


6. Getting to know Louis

Sorry I haven't written in a while I have been away these holidays. Hope you are enjoying it so far! * We decided to stay at my house to get to know each other. We built a fire outside and got loads of food to eat for the night. "So we're are you from?" I asked sitting next to him. "Doncaster, you?" "Manchester, I used to work in the bakery there." I reaplied. Louis smiled and laughed. "What's so funny?" I said looking at him. "Oh no I just got fired from my jobs all the time. I think the only job I didn't get fired from was Toy World." We burst out laughing I shook my head smiling. It felt good to be back with Louis not having to deal with any drama. "Looks like you too are starting to get along well" Liam smiled looking at us. "Ah well we were just talking about Louis getting fired from all his jobs" I said in fits of tears. "Oh I and I also showed my bum to the whole school embarrassing moment ever!" Louis said laughing. Now it was everyone else's turn to laugh. Liam just shook his head smiling. We got on very well for the rest of the night. We sung songs while playing on the guitar and just got to know each other really well. Louis and me got on the best and by the end of it all we had become best friends.
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