Don't let go (a Larry Stylinson story)

Harry regrets not making the most of his time with Louis. So when he is given a second chance he goes back in time to make things right he learns to never let go of anything.


7. Finals

Sorry its a bit short but it's going to get better soon. Promise! For the next few months we skyrocketed in X factor. We were beginning to become successful in votes and also the fans everywhere. It was beginning to become hard to walk on the streets like a normal person. Everywhere we went someone recognized us. The fans weren't the only ones we had charmed, it was the judges too. We were beginning to be called the biggest boy band in the UK. Unfortunately it all had to end. "Now one act will go to the top two and one will be sent home. Here it goes." "Rebecca!" We hung our heads. We had lost. But we knew it wasn't the end.
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