Don't let go (a Larry Stylinson story)

Harry regrets not making the most of his time with Louis. So when he is given a second chance he goes back in time to make things right he learns to never let go of anything.


5. Bootcamp

I pushed open the bathroom door. I sighed looking the mirror. Bootcamp I was finally here. I heard the door open and I looked up at the mirror to see who it was. A boy with shaggy brown falling over his pale blue eyes walked in. I then came to my senses. Louis! I spun around about to run up to him and tell him everything thats been happening but stopped myself. Louis didn't even know me. If I ran up to him he would think I was crazy! "Oh hi there my names Louis Tomlinson, what's yours?" "Harry". I said acting cool. "Harry Styles" and Louis smiled that smile I love about him. * "Stop telaphoning meeeee I'm kina busy." Lady Gaga's Telephone blared as I tried to dance. Dancing was hard. A short blond kid was having the same trouble as I was. I felt sorry for him. Hang on was that Niall? "Ok everyone stop" Simon announced. "Where's Zayn?" Simon went to get him and a few minutes later Zayn appeared. I flashed him a smile to comfort him but he didn't see me. * The singing part was easy. I had it covered. But as I progressed I knew I wanted this so badly. * Now it was time for the announcements. I chewed my fingers, waiting. "John Walding" "Nicolo Festa" "Paije Richards" As the list went on my heart started to sink further and further. My eyes started to well with tears, I knew I was going to get this so why was I so doughtful? "And the last contestent to get through is.. " "Tom Richards" I dropped my head as hot tears steamed down my face. * "Before you go can these people please make it to the stage" My name was called as well as four girls and the boys who have become my best mates. Nicole was so understanding talking to us. She passed the mic to Simon and he announced the making of our band. One direction.
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