Don't let go (a Larry Stylinson story)

Harry regrets not making the most of his time with Louis. So when he is given a second chance he goes back in time to make things right he learns to never let go of anything.


4. Audition

"Harry hurry up you're going to be late", my mum called. I hastly pulled on my jeans and I t-shirt. I checked my arm I hit against the mirror last night. No wounds. "HARRY" "Coming Mum!" I called. My voice sounded younger, less deep. "I must be going made", I muttered to myself, running downstairs. * I paced up and down backstage, I was nervous about singing in front of the world and mostly the judges. "Oh stop it Harry you have done this before it shouldn't be hard. Just act cool." I said to myself. I figured if time was repeating itself again, I had to change something to make it right. The only problem was I couldn't remember what it was. "Ok you're up, good luck", the host said. "Thanks" I replied. I took a deep breath and stepped onto the stage. Everything happened as it did before. I lowered the mic to hear the judges comment's. Nicole said I had a lovely voice and she liked my acapella. Louis said I seemed too young. Ha! If only he knew what lay ahead. Simon disagreed with Louis and said with some vocal lessons I could be quite successful. Yeah, successful was right. So as a result a yes from Nicole and Simon, and a no from Louis. But I didn't care I was on the road to Bootcamp and a life changing career. * "Harry! Harry Styles!" I turned around to find a girl with striking blue eyes run up to me, honey hair bouncing. "You did really well at the audition, I wanted to give you this to remind yourself of who you really are. Good luck for the long road ahead!" She flashed a smile and shoved me a letter, then turned and skipped away. I raised my eyebrow after her. That was weird. Long road ahead, reminding myself? I shook my head and opened the letter. Three words where written in scribbly writing. "Dont let go."
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