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Caterina May lost contact with her friends and one true love for 7 years, what happens when she get's transferred to their college and see's them for the first time, only to then find out Luke (her one true love) is getting married in less than a month. will that be long enough so she can stop the wedding and so he will fall for her again? read along as you witness heart break, love, new friendships, old ones reunited, new loves and old flames.


4. Roommates

“Scarlett,” I screamed as I ran over to her

“I had no idea it was you,” she said as she stood back and looked me up and down embracing me for another long hug,

“Guy’s this is my best friend in the entire world Caterina but you can call her cat,” she said as she wrapped her arm around my waist

“Hey I’m Ella or E.C,” she giggled “So how do you guys know each other?” she asked

“You remember the story Luke and I used to tell you about our best friend that left when we were 15 well this is her,” she explained

“Oh so you’re the girl Luke used to always go on about, about how pretty and smart you were,” Valerie said and I went as red as a tomato. After the introduction we all sat down on the couches.

“So, are you still in touch with Luke?” I asked

“Yeah, we are hanging out in an hour if you want to come?” she asked me

“If that is alright with you?” I replied

“Yeah, you can meet the other boys and Danni,” Scarlett said as she got up and walked to the fridge

“So do you know the other boys and Danni?” I asked

“Yeah, I am dating Jake and Valerie is dating Corey,” she replied

“Oh ok are you dating anyone Scar?” I asked

“Yeah Brandon and Danni is dating Riley,”

“Ok well I can’t wait to meet them all,” I said as I got up, “Well I’m going to unpack and then we should be ready to go,” I walked to the room with C.M on the door and opened it. The room was bigger than my last one and had a computer desk at the en of my bed and a big closet. I chucked my handbag and suitcase on the bed and started to unpack. I think I am going to like it here.

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