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Caterina May lost contact with her friends and one true love for 7 years, what happens when she get's transferred to their college and see's them for the first time, only to then find out Luke (her one true love) is getting married in less than a month. will that be long enough so she can stop the wedding and so he will fall for her again? read along as you witness heart break, love, new friendships, old ones reunited, new loves and old flames.


5. Meeting The Boys. And Danni.

After I had finished unpacking I got changed into some pink shorts and a white singlet and out of my yellow dress, I then slipped on some black ballet flats and walked back into the main room. It was just about time for us to leave.

“Hey guys are we ready to leave?” I asked while fixing my long blonde hair into a bun

“Yep just need to find some shoes,” Valerie said as she picked up a pair of pink sandals that went with the pink top she was wearing, she also had blue shorts on. Scarlett was wearing a white dress that came just above the knee with some black flats on and her long brown hair in a braid, Ella was wearing a black and white top with some jean shorts on and converse she had her hair down and it flowed right down past her shoulders halfway down her back. As we walked out the door I took in the smells of my new home, our dorm was just across from the quad so we didn’t have far to walk. I could see a group of boys and one girl, I’m guessing was Danni she had long brown hair that as really curly and was wearing the cutest Aztec shorts and a light blue singlet. As we got closer Brandon noticed us and got up and ran towards Scar picking her up and spinning her around while giving her a quick peck on the cheek.

“Hey Babe who is this?” he asked as he put her down gesturing towards me

“This is the famous Caterina that I tell about in all mine and Luke’s stories,” she said and with that Luke turned around as he heard his name and as soon as he did our eyes locked and a huge smile came to his face.

“Hey Cat I’m Brandon,” he said as he held out his hand.

“Hey,” I said as I shook his hand and then walked over and gave Luke the biggest hug

“God have I missed you, what are you doing here?” he asked pulling away from the hug

“I just moved here and found out I was rooming with Scar, Valerie and El,” I said. The girl I am presuming to be Danni stood up and walked towards me

“Hey I’m Danni,” she said with a smile on her face

“Hey I’m Cat, I am friends with Luke and Scar,” I said she took my hand and led me over to the other boys

“Guy’s this is Cat, she is Scar and Luke’s friend,” she said to all the boys that were sitting in a circle, within seconds everyone was sat downs there was Scar, Brandon, Riley, Danni, Jake, El, Valerie, Corey, Luke and myself.

“It’s nice to finally put a face to a name, so what are you studying here Cat?” Jake asked

“I’m a double major with Writing and Architectural design,” I replied, “But what about you guys I mean you’re LJCBR shouldn’t you be on Tour?” I asked

“Yes we should but we have taken the rest of the year off to finish University,” Riley replied

“Ok, so does that mean I will be seeing a lot more of all of you?” I asked

“Of course, I have gone 7 years without seeing you and I have misse….” He started but got cut off by his phone, “Hey babe what’s up?” he asked into the phone “No, I haven’t figured out who my best men are going to be,” he said quietly as he walked off,

“Nina,” Scarlett snarled as she said her name

“Who’s Nina?” I asked confused

“That is Luke’s “Super model” Fiancé,” she said as she emphasized the Super model

“Oh Luke’s getting married?” I asked sadly

“Yeah to a stuck up snobby girl that no one likes,” Brandon replied. And that is when I realized I was too late he had moved on like I asked and I hadn’t I was still in love with him.

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