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Caterina May lost contact with her friends and one true love for 7 years, what happens when she get's transferred to their college and see's them for the first time, only to then find out Luke (her one true love) is getting married in less than a month. will that be long enough so she can stop the wedding and so he will fall for her again? read along as you witness heart break, love, new friendships, old ones reunited, new loves and old flames.


15. Another Date and Kiss

She looked guilty, it was Ella.

“El is there something you need to tell us?” I asked her

“Well I just don’t love him anymore and I don’t think I should lead him on,” she said

“Well I think you are doing the right thing,” I said grabbing hold of her hand

“Thanks,” she said as a tear fell down her cheek.

“Alright next,” Valerie said

“I really like this guy and I think he likes me but I don’t know what to do,” Val read out

“Well I think you should just tell him,” I said looking at all the girls one by one

“Yolo right?” I asked sarcastically and they all laughed.

“All right me next,” I said opening my piece of paper and I read it to myself before I read it out. It said ‘I think I am in love with my boyfriend but don’t want to say it first what do I do?’ I decided to read it out.

“I think I am in love with my boyfriend but don’t want to say it first,” I read out

“Well I think you should say it first other wise the boy might be to shy to say it to you first,” El said as she shoved some popcorn into her mouth

“All right me next,” Molly said. She read the note and then put it in her pocket

“Aren’t you going to share?” Valerie asked

“No,” she said with a smile on her face

“Right anyway me next,” Ella said

“I’m Engaged,” she read “What who wrote this?” El asked. Val just held out her hand. We all screamed and started gossiping. When there was a knock on the door I went and opened it to see Luke standing there looking all cute in his jeans and red polo

“What are you doing here?” I asked looking at him

“We are going to dinner,” he said and I looked down at my watch

“It is 10:30 we can’t it’s to late,” I said hitting him in the arm

“Well I don’t care,” he said hitting my arm back

“Righto let me just go and tell the girls, come in.” I said as I walked towards my room.

“Luke, guess what Val and Corey are engaged,” Scarlett said

“I know he has been planning it for weeks,” Luke said with a smirk on his face “Cat and I are going to get some food we will be back later,” he said as I was getting dressed.

“Ok well Molly is going now can you give her a lift?” Scarlett asked

“Sure,” he said just as I walked out. We all walked to the car and had a silent trip while we dropped Molly off we drove to a late night Nando’s that was open 24/7 and we walked inside. We ordered our usual and we sat and ate and talked about random stuff.

“So your wedding is pretty close when is it?” I asked

“Oh right you didn’t get the date it is next weekend, I am really glad you are coming,” he said as he grabbed my hand 

“Me to,” I said as we were sitting there

“Do you want to go for a walk?” he asked as he stood up

“Sure I would love to,” I said as we walked to the counter to pay for the bill I grabbed my wallet to pay for mine when Luke just stood there looking at me

“No, I’m paying I invited you out so I will pay,” Luke said as he handed the man his card. We walked out of Nando’s and down the street and we just wandered for ages, hand in hand skipping. I decided I wanted to sit down for a minute so I found a bench and Luke and I sat there for a bit.

“I’m really glad you moved back to Birmingham,” Luke said

“Me to I didn’t realize how much I missed you until I hadn’t seen you in so long,” I said as I grabbed his hand once again and he turned and looked at me and smiled and then he leant in and kissed me, again. And all I can say is I felt the fireworks the same felling I get every time we kiss but I couldn’t so I pulled away.

“I’m sorry,” Luke said

“No it’s fine it’s just you can’t keep kissing me because even though it doesn’t mean anything to you it means the world to me,” I replied

“Who said it doesn’t mean anything to me?” he asked

“Well I just figured because you are still going to marry Nina,” I said as I let go of his hand and started to walk away as rain started to fall but Luke grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

“I have to it is to late to pull out even if I don’t love her anymore,” he said

“Ask yourself this, would you still be with her if you weren’t about to get married and do you really love her?” I asked her again

“No I wouldn’t and I don’t know whether or not I still love her but I know that whenever we kiss I feel fireworks,” he said

“So do I but we can’t ever again not until you make up your mind,” I said

“Fine but I am not going yet,” he said and then he pulled me in for another kiss and I didn’t stop this one. And then I pulled away,

“Alright that is it no more,” I said with a cheeky smile as I grabbed his hand and walked back to his car. We drove home in silence and then he gave me a big hug just before he drove home. I walked in the dorm room and into my room and fell straight to sleep.


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