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Caterina May lost contact with her friends and one true love for 7 years, what happens when she get's transferred to their college and see's them for the first time, only to then find out Luke (her one true love) is getting married in less than a month. will that be long enough so she can stop the wedding and so he will fall for her again? read along as you witness heart break, love, new friendships, old ones reunited, new loves and old flames.


12. A Date And Planning A Party.

As the movie went on I couldn’t help but steel glances at him, he was just so cute. The ways his eyes shone when the screen would go bright and how perfect his hair was styled into a quiff and that smile, that smile would make you melt in your seat. To say it in a few words he is perfect, in every way, shape and form. I didn’t want to admit it but I think I am falling in love with him. Again. We sat there watching the rest of the movie and then when it was finished we went for coffee.

“Thank you for today it has been awesome,” I told him while sipping my cappuccino “all though sometimes I forget you are famous,”

“I know I sometimes forget I can’t just walk down the street without being noticed,” he replied. We were just sitting there drinking our coffees when I had an idea.

“Hey I think that we should have a party tonight,” I said with a smirk on my face

“Sure but what is the occasion?” he asked

“No reason just because we can, but we have to choose whether to invite Danni or Riley,” I replied

“Well I think we should invite Riley but it is your party,” he said giving me a small smile

“Well I think it should be Riley as well but does Nina have to come she doesn’t seem to like me that much,” I said

“No if you don’t want her to come she doesn’t have to,” he replied grabbing my hand

“Thanks, we should get planning then. But I am inviting my friend Molly” I told him


We sat there planning on what we were going to do for the party. We decided not to have a theme but just to have a smart casual theme. We texted Scarlett, El, Valerie, Corey, Riley, Jake, Brandon and Molly and told them to come over at 3. It was 1 now so we had two hours to get the party set up in the girls and my dorm room. We were going to have streamers and LJCBR music blasting, even though it is only going to be a small get together with friends.

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