falling for my teacher (an oli Sykes fan fiction)

Dani-Leigh finds herself involved with mr.sykes and he can't help but fall for her. But first he needs to knock down her walls she's built over the years. Warning: could be triggering and minor sexual content...


3. Only then had I realised

i looked at the address he had written on the paper, it read 36 compton row and with that i had realisd my teacher lives only 5 minutes away from me.

i gathered my english work, my bag and my docs, shoved them on and walked out the door. Realising i had forgptten my phone i decided to turn back and get it incase i had gotten a text or a call from my mum becaus lets face it, im the freak of the school. I dont eat during school and hardly at home. who'd wanna be friends with the school nerd anyway. If only people knew the things i do in my room I bet they'd soon change their minds and suddenly start loving me, who knows i could even become popular. But i dont want nor do i need peoples sympathy for me.


Realising I was now at Mr.Sykes house i knocked jut audible enough for whoever was on the inside to hear. he answered looking incredibly sexy i must say, though it is wrong. Hes a teacher, im a student and proobably ten years younger than he is.

"Dani, hi, come in." he almost whispered 

"mhm thanks." i mumbled not knowing what else to say to him.

"youre looking cute today and i do love your docs by the way." he said yet again in almost a whiper.

"thanks, again, so what do i need to brush up on in english then?" i asked slightly confused considering i was a complete nerd and knew near enough everything in englh for this year.

"actually Leigh, can i call you Leigh? well it doesnt matter im calling you it anyway. anywho i wanted to speak to you alone."

"about what Mr.Sykes?"

"please call me oli and well, i know how wrong this is but Leigh i feel a connection with you. its weird becaus im nine years older than you and i shouldnt and if you think im a weirdo then jut say the word and i swear i wont bother you again and ill leave that school. Leigh i know you feel it too whether you understand that feeling yet or not i know you do, will you pleaese just hang out with me for a couple hours?" he finally admitted

"i guess"

"okay, i underst-wait what?"

"ill hang out with you." i didnt know where my sudden burst of confidence came from but it was there and i just shocked myslelf


hours passed and i was laying on the sofa with Oli.

"Leigh?" he said lifitng my chin up to face im.

"yeahh?" i said almot inaudibly

"im going to try something stay still or pull away if you want" he whispered

he then very slowly begun bringing his head closer to mine just centremeteres away, his soft lip brushed against mine ever so gently, until i didnt realise our lips interlocking with each othr and i felt spark, as cliche as this sounds. its true. the sparks the butterflies its true only then did i realise...

i fallen for my english teacher.



the next day i awoke to a strange feeling, hang on this isn't my bed?

this isnt even my house?

back the fuck up, who even is this next to me...too scared to open my eyes i begn feling their chest to their torso.

"having fun there?"

then i remembered

holy shit, ive just been feeling up my english teacher.

"erm yeah..haha." i stated awkwardly 
"erm i think im gonna get home now though."

"aw, so soon?" he said "you know your mum has gone away on a buines trip for 3 week right? he called me because of your tutoring and aked me too look after you since i know her well"

"oh. right well i guess i'll stay here for a while then ill go pick my stuff up from mine."




a/n sorry its a shit update ive not update a lot and im sorry i'll try too more often.

comment votes and fans thanks guys message me to give me inspiration too i love you all

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