falling for my teacher (an oli Sykes fan fiction)

Dani-Leigh finds herself involved with mr.sykes and he can't help but fall for her. But first he needs to knock down her walls she's built over the years. Warning: could be triggering and minor sexual content...


2. My English teacher

Today was the start of a new year for me, I'm in year 10, well I just started. I'm kind of excited due to there being new teachers, but I'm also shitting myself because I know that there are plenty of kids that hate my guts and would love to continue making my life a living hell. 

I'm not popular at school, I'm quite the opposite. I'm a nerd in all honesty, but I don't mind. I cope, I manage, I have done the majority of my life. Since dad walked out on me and mum I've had to look after myself. Since all she cares about when she's next going to sniff anther line or get laid. 

After seriously thinking through a few things I decided to actually get out of bed. I walked along the carpeted floor until I met the wardrobe I picked out my 'as I lay dying' merch tee and denim high waisted shorts with black tights and purple doc martens. 

I took a shower, dried my hair and put my clothes on. I then decided on doing black eyeliner with a small cat flick and purple lipstick to match my purple doc martens and purple fleece cardigan. I grabbed my bag and walked to school. 



I arrived at school and gotten out my planner to check my lessons, double English, maths, science and business well great stuff. I placed my planner back in my bag and quietly made my way to E56, my English room. I was the first there, as usual. I noticed a guy in black skinnies and a burgundy shirt with brown short hair. I swear my jaw hit the floor because I couldn't stop looking, I just stood there practically dribbling over my English teacher. 

"Close your mouth or you'll catch flies ." I heard him say 

"Oh gosh I'm sorry I just.. Urm.. Kind of spaced out there.. Urm, I should... Urm.. Go sit down..urm.. Now." 

"Yeah, no need to be so nervous." He chuckled 

I sat at the top left corner of the classroom by myself. As usual. 


The entire lesson there were weird moments where he'd look at me and we'd lock eyes, I looked down and blushed many times. He'd smirk and wink. It was strange and wrong but it felt so right. 

"Dani-Leigh please stop by after class, I need to speak to you" 

"Urm okay" 

"Oooo the nerds in trouble" someone shouted out 

"Enough class" mr.sykes announced 

When class was over and I had finished day dreaming over him I waited behind until everyone had gone, since it was break there'd be nobody here for a good twenty minutes. 

"You, urm wanted to see me Mr.Sykes?"

"Yes, I did. Dani-Leigh, I can't help but notice you were staring at me.-"

I cut him off. "Oh I'm sorry.. I didn't mean it a-." This time he cut me off. 

"I don't mind; just don't be so obvious. " he said with a wink. 


"How old are you?"

"Urm, 14 nearly 15"

"Oh so young." He said with a whisper while being ever so close to me. 

I looked down not knowing what to do or say. He lifted my chin up with his finger.

"You need tutoring on your English to help with exams. Come to my house here's my address." He said while passing me a small piece of paper 

I walked out of the classroom not knowing what the fuck just happened? Is he for real? 



A/N guise I'm sorry okay? I've just been so busy and gosh. Here's my kik ~ Chlozebra message me if I forget I update. Thanks. Sorry for the small crappy chapter.

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