falling for my teacher (an oli Sykes fan fiction)

Dani-Leigh finds herself involved with mr.sykes and he can't help but fall for her. But first he needs to knock down her walls she's built over the years. Warning: could be triggering and minor sexual content...


5. My best friend and oli

I woke up laid next to oli on his king sized bed, I suddenly felt cold and wriggled in closer to him. He hugged my waste even tighter.

"Good morning baby." He mumbled in his sleepy morning voice. 

"morning Oli." I whispered and pecked his cheek. 

"What do you wanna do today?" He asked 

"Well I was gonna go out with Jamie and Lana and get an outfit for my birthday next week." 

"Oh alright baby, well since you'll be out I want your number so I can still talk to you." 

"I'll give you it later before I go, at the moment I need to get ready."

"Do you have too baby?" He whined 

"Yes. I do I've not seen my two best friends in days. I haven't got many friends as it is and I'd like to keep them" I replied 

I crawled out of bed and left Oli have dead under the quilt. Walking towards my bag of clothes, picked out some skinnies and a drop dead tee.

---couple of hours later---

Jamie TextEdit and Lana explaining he couldn't come so me and Lana decided to go to Forever 21. I picked out a black dress with a sweetheart neckline and a pair of ankle boots with laces and high high heels. I had told Lana about me and oli, she was very happy for me she also made me go to Victoria secret for some new underwear for the day she things something will happen, I think otherwise. 

After shopping for hours we went to nandos, the food of the gods. 

"Hi I'll be your waiter today what would you like to drink?"

"Coke please"Lana said 

"Just water thanks" I said. If I was going to look beautiful in my dress I was gonna have to lose some weight I couldn't tell anyone that I was going to have to be sick. 

"Okay I'll be back in a few to take your order." 

Then I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. 

new Message: from Oli❤️

When are you coming home baby???:((


Soon, I'm just at nandos pick me up in half hour?x

from: Oli❤️

Okay baby :D

Half an hour passed pretty fast we talked about everything and I discovered Lana's crush for Jamie. 

"Text me tomorrow Lana." I said while hugging her 

"I will bye"


---forward an hour---


I had just gotten hanged into my pyjamas and hidden my underwear and dress somewhere only I'd look; my bag. 
Turning around I saw Oli spacing out whole laid on his bed. 


"H'mm... What sorry ?"

"What's wrong?"

"Why we're you sick earlier, like as soon as you got back from nandos you ran upstairs..?" He said quite nervously in fact. 

What could I possibly say to that? He was on to me... Quick think of a lie. 

"I already felt real sick at nandos I just didn't wanna be sick there that's why I asked you to pick me up earlier. " I replied almost as if I was convincing myself but I'm sure he took it in 

"Oh okay baby" he said while planting a soft feather-like kiss on my forehead. 

"Can we watch iron man in bed Oliiiiiii?"

"Only if I can have toffee popcorn.." 

"Urgh I guess but I just want coke."

"Okay baby be right back."

The rest of the night we cuddled on bed watching ironman when Oli fell asleep , I somehow managed to crawl out of bed turn the tv off and take the popcorn off him. What can I say I'm a ninja? Anyway when I crawled back into bed I snuggled in eggy close, I felt his arm clasped my waist and pull me in tighter. 

"I hadn't even fallen asleep properly.." He mumbled in my ear "I want something first.."

"What's that then?" I asked honestly curious 

"A kiss." 

With his long finger he reached under my chin and very gently lifted my head up facing him. We both brought role heads together until the distance had closed, our lips were connected together, perfect fit you could say. I felt his tongue glide along my bottom lip asking for entrance, I denied leaving him wanting more. I then felt his hand. squeeze my breast, which made me gasp which let him get what he wanted. We finally broke apart and laid down next to each other cuddling back up.

"Goodnight baby."

"Goodnight Ol."


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