falling for my teacher (an oli Sykes fan fiction)

Dani-Leigh finds herself involved with mr.sykes and he can't help but fall for her. But first he needs to knock down her walls she's built over the years. Warning: could be triggering and minor sexual content...


1. Introduction

Hey, I'm Dani-Leigh Jones. 
I'm 14, 15 in two months. 
I live with my mum, who if which is an addict she's out most nights and doesn't come back for days on end. 

I go to Somerset High and I am in year 10, I live in England. I have two best friends Jaime Preciado and Lana Del Rey. They're both amazing. 

Im a heavily depressed teenager who suffers, anxiety, panic attacks. Suicidal outbursts I.E. heavy self harm. I just need fixing, I'm broken. 

I just need someone to tell me they will look after me.

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