falling for my teacher (an oli Sykes fan fiction)

Dani-Leigh finds herself involved with mr.sykes and he can't help but fall for her. But first he needs to knock down her walls she's built over the years. Warning: could be triggering and minor sexual content...


4. I can't drown my demons they know how to swim

surprisingly, it didnt bother me that i would be spending the next three weeks with my english teacher. How he knew my mum i would have to ask him though.

Oli brought me out of my thinking session when he asked what i wanted to do today.

"in all honesty i'd rather just sit in for today watching movies and eating junk food if that alright?"

"yeah i dont mind, you dont need to ask if it'd be alright. thi is your home too for the next three weeks so whatever you want to do we will do princess."

___________30 minutes later_______________


"oli, i do not care we are sooooo not watching that, i thought you'd like Thor, plus Chris Hemsworth is totallly hot. not that i know his name or anything." i argued playfully

"fineeee whatever we will watchThor instead of Batman."

he sat down on the sofa and i cuddled up to him leaning in to his shoulder taking in his new vanilla and cocanut smell that lately i just couldn't get enough of. i took my index finger and trailed along his inked arms admiring every little flower, symbol and word. he was truly beautiful and extraordinary. ive known him for only two minutes metaphorically speaking, but he is amazing.

Oli's POV:


she was beautiful, and yes her age would be a difficulty with our future relationship if there ever will be one that is. i hope so. i looked down at her small frame and noticed her tracing over my tattoos, she was beautiul to say the least. she wasnt exactly skinny nor was she fat. i took her tiny hand and begun playing with her fingers, then i noticed only just. there were small white scars on her wrists... who would make her want to do this to herself she doesnt deserve this. i had to find out, my blood was boiling and i had to breathe quite a lot to calm down.


as she looked up at me she must have realised what i had noticed because she swiftly moved her hand from my grip and covered her wrists up. luckily for me my tattoos saved me from anyone being able to notice my scars.that was a long time ago though, i was bullied throught my entire childhood and things got better when i moved away.


"Leigh, dont lie to me please. i would like to know why you have done that to yourself, do you still do it? and have you had help from anyone or has anyone ever noticed in actual fact, who and or what has caused that. you're too beautiful for this to be happening too princess dont let it destroy you." i told her gently but with worry also.

"i-i-i" she sighed "im not ready to tell you why yet, but no nobody knows but you now and no i have not had help. as soon as i am ready to tell you i will. just hold me, please? i cant fight my demons alone Oli, i cant drown my demons they know how to swim."

"its okay baby, i'll look fter you now, im here."

"i'm just going to go shower do you mind?"

"no baby i dont, but please dont hurt yourself, this is your house too remember so do what you want for the next three weeks but no wild house parties."

"haha, im too unpopular for that." i heard her mumble though i think that was only meant for her to hear.

Back To Dani-Leighs POV:

i started the shower running, brushed my hair and taken off my clothes.

he noticed, you stupid stupid girl. how could you let him notice. stupid whore. cut, go on, use one of the razors, theyre over tere. stupid ugly fat freak. you're alone he doesnt really care.

my head wouldnt leave me alone and i finally gave in. making sure the door was locked i grabbed av razor peeled it apart for the balde to run free and dug it across my wrists and thighs, luckily i had a couple of braceletes and my purple cardigan here. after doing everything i needed to do i jumped out, only then realising i had no fresh clothes.

i took mytiny feet and carried them along the carpeted stairs with a towel wrapped round me.


he turned around, and he wouldnt stop staring .

"urm,. yes babe?"

"i kind of forgotten i had no clean clothes here could i borrow some of yours?"

"yeah, just go ahead to my room i'll follow you up"


Ol's POV

she came down in just a towel, and my god did she look sexy it took all my strenght to keep calm downstairs.

i followed her upstairs and she was infront of me, watching her only in a towel sent me crazy knowing there was just that towel stopping me from destroying her.

"you really shouldnt wear just a towel around me you know?"

"oh yeah, and why's that?"

"because im seconds away from ripping it off of you..."

blood rushed to her cheeks and she looked down. "oh" she mumbled.

i passed her some sweats and a drop dead black t-shirt, she kissed my cheek and ran into the bathroom. "You little tease" i shouted

"you love it really oli"

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