Hired By Management 2

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  • Published: 12 Oct 2013
  • Updated: 25 Oct 2013
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Hired By Management; It's been seven months since Harry and Kim spoken. They both are living their own life and has moved on. Kim no longer lives in Woodbury, she's now living the life in San Diego, California. What happens when she attends a One Direction concert in Los Angeles, California? The fans take a wrong turn and mobs her. Paul gets the message from management and takes Kim away. Leading her to meet Jean once again. Will she sign the contract, or will she fight to stay away from it. Or will she sign it and fall in love all over again. This time, will contract he harder than before?


34. Not So Happy Today

Kim: *holding hands with harry* 

Harry: *not so smiley* 

Kim: *kind of annoyed* 

Fans: *mobs harry and kim* 

Kim: *angrily* Can you guys step away! I'm pregnant here and I don't want my baby in any danger by your guys! 

Harry: Babe? 

Kim: What! 

Harry: Why are you mad? You know this always happens. 

Kim: Well guess what Harry, I'm not feeling it today ok. *walks off* 

Harry: *looks at kim walking off* 

Fans: Harry! *snapping pics of harry* 

Harry: *forces a smile for the fans and goes after kim* Babe. *grabs kims hand* 

Kim: *annoyed/sighs* I'm sorry babe, but today just isn't the day. 

Harry: I know it isn't, but you have to put on a smile. 

Kim: For what? We're not under Jean's spell. 

Harry: *chuckles* It's contract. 

Kim: Whatever. 

Harry: *smiles* You're cute when you're mad you know that. 

Kim: *finally smiles*  

Harry: Aw, and there's the beautiful smile I been looking for all day. 

Kim: *smiles and hugs harry* Can we go home now, we been out all day. 

Harry: Yeah, we can... 

Josh: Harry? Kim? 

Harry: *turns around* Josh? Karen. 

Karen: Hi. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Hey, how are you two? 

Josh: We were just shopping and we happened to spot you two. 

Karen: Oh my god, you're really start to glow. 

Kim: Pardon me? 

Karen: I meant you're starting to get big. 

Kim: Big? 

Josh: She meant you're baby bump is getting big. 

Karen: Yeah. *chuckles* I didn't get to experience it that far, so... 

Kim: *gives Karen an uncomfortable look* 

Harry: *coughs* Since we're here, let's all go grab something to eat. 

Karen: Yeah. 

Josh: Ok, that sounds like a good idea, we haven't ate either. *chuckles* 

Kim: *chuckles* 

Harry: *walks next to kim* 

Kim: *grabs harrys hand* 

Harry: *looks at his hand* Oh, I'm sorry. *puts arms around kim leading off* 

Josh: What are you getting? 

Karen: I don't know, maybe a seafood combo? 

Josh: Yeah, that's good too. 

Harry: What about you? 

Kim: Um, well I don't know, I can share whatever you want to eat. 

Harry: No, get whatever you want babe. 

Kim: Ok, then I'll have a number one and eight. 

Harry: Ok, Josh? 

Josh: Oh no, I'll pay. 

Harry: No, I can pay, just order whatever. 

Josh: I'll just get their specials today. 

Waiter: Are you guys ready to order? 

Harry: Yeah, can I get a number one, eight, twelve, four, and two. 

Waiter: Drinks? 

Harry: Water and tea please. 

Kim: I'll have a Pepsi. 

Waiter: Ok. 

Karen: So have you guys thought of a name yet for your baby? Or know the gender? 

Harry: Yeah, we're having a boy, and Kim thought of the name Evan. 

Josh: Evan? Is the name finalized? 

Harry: Well, it's not finalized until he's born. 

Josh: That's good. 

Waiter: Alright, here's your guys food. *sets the food on the table* 

Kim: *eats* 

Jessica: *calls kim* 

Kim: Ugh, who's calling. *sees jessicas name* Hello? 

Jessica: Hey, what are you up to? 

Kim: I'm eating right now, can I call you later. 

Jessica: Oh, sorry, yeah, just call me when you're done. 

Kim: *hangs up* 

Jessica: Rude. 

Harry: Who was that? 

Kim: Jess. 

Harry: What she say? 

Kim: I told her I'll call her back. 

Harry: You didn't have to be rude to her. 

Kim: I wasn't and you don't need to put your nose in my conversations with others. 

Karen: *looks at josh* 

Josh: You're right, he didn't have any reasons to, but it's always good to have someone there to help you. 

Kim: Josh, I wasn't stuttering I think. 

Josh: My apology. 

Harry: Alright, I'm gonna go pay. *gets up and goes pay*

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