Hired By Management 2

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  • Published: 12 Oct 2013
  • Updated: 25 Oct 2013
  • Status: Complete
Hired By Management; It's been seven months since Harry and Kim spoken. They both are living their own life and has moved on. Kim no longer lives in Woodbury, she's now living the life in San Diego, California. What happens when she attends a One Direction concert in Los Angeles, California? The fans take a wrong turn and mobs her. Paul gets the message from management and takes Kim away. Leading her to meet Jean once again. Will she sign the contract, or will she fight to stay away from it. Or will she sign it and fall in love all over again. This time, will contract he harder than before?


24. Decision's Made

Jean: So you're pregnant?
Kim: Two months. *smiles softly*
Jean: Harry, you weren't really supposed to touch her that way, you did know that right?
Harry: Oh? No one told me about that.
Jean: Well it's too late now, but I can't let you two go, I'm sorry.
Kim: Please.
Jean: As much as I want to, I can't. You two are just gonna have to finish those three years and after that you two can really go on with your life and get married for reals.
Harry: There's got to be a way to end this contract.
Jean: No.
Harry: Jean, c'mon.
Jean: Harry, I can't.
Harry: Can we just divorce now and then get back together again like the next week or so?
Jean: You really want to do that? *looks at kim*
Kim: Well, I really did want to marry Harry the right way.
Jean: *sighs* I'll think about it. I'll give you two an answer and tell you what to do.
Harry: See, I knew you could do it Jean. *smiles*
Jean: *smiles* I'll miss you guys.
Harry: *chuckles* We will too.
Kim: *leaves with harry*
Jean: *texts kim and harry* Limo will be here to pick up Kim.
Kim: *packs her things*
Harry: I'll be back to get you real soon ok.
Kim: Ok. *smiles*
Harry: *kisses kim* Take care of yourself and the baby you hear me.
Kim: Yes, I will babe.
Harry: After the headlines are made, I'll come and get you a few days later.
Kim: *chuckles* Ok, I hear you.
Harry: What, I can't just let my fiancé go and not tell her anything. *smiles*
Kim: *smiles* I'll be waiting for you.
Sam: *rings the doorbell*
Harry: Your rides here, remember, I'll be there shortly.
Kim: *smiles* I'll be waiting like I said.
Harry: *smiles and kisses kim* Take care.
Kim: Bye. *gets in the car*

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