Hired By Management 2

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  • Published: 12 Oct 2013
  • Updated: 25 Oct 2013
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Hired By Management; It's been seven months since Harry and Kim spoken. They both are living their own life and has moved on. Kim no longer lives in Woodbury, she's now living the life in San Diego, California. What happens when she attends a One Direction concert in Los Angeles, California? The fans take a wrong turn and mobs her. Paul gets the message from management and takes Kim away. Leading her to meet Jean once again. Will she sign the contract, or will she fight to stay away from it. Or will she sign it and fall in love all over again. This time, will contract he harder than before?


36. Arrival Of Baby Evan Styles

(Three Weeks Later) 

Kim: *giving birth* 

Harry: *holding kims hand* 

Dr. Hope: I see his head, I need you to push a few more times. 

Kim: *pushing/screaming in pain* 

Dr. Hope: Almost there, just two more push. 

Kim: *pushes hard/screams louder in pain* 

Dr. Hope: Perfect. 

Evan: *cries* 

Kim: *exhausted/worn out* 

Harry: *eyes widen* 

Dr. Hope: It's a boy. 

Harry: *cries silently in happiness* 

Dr. Hope: *gives evan to the nurse to clean* 

Nurse 1: *cleaning evan* 

Evan: *crying loudly* 

Kim: Where is he? 

Harry: *holding kims hand* The nurse is cleaning him right now babe. *kisses kims forehead* 

Nurse 1: *gives evan to harry* 

Harry: *holds evan* Hey little buddy. *smiles* Welcome to the world. *smiles in tears* I love you son. 

Kim: *starts to get sad* 

Evan: *cries* 

Harry: It's ok, daddy's here, daddy's gonna protect you. *kinda rocks evan* 

Kim: He's probably hungry. 

Harry: *hands evan over to kim* Here. 

Kim: *holds evan and give him a bottle* 

Harry: *smiles at evan and then kim* 

Kim: *sad* I can't believe we've gave him up. 

Harry: I can't either, but at least he'll be with a family that we can trust. 

Kim: *smiles softly* Yeah. 

Karen: *knocks on the door* Hi. 

Harry: Karen. 

Karen: *smiles/gasp* He is beautiful. 

Josh: Wow, he really is, he's got his father's eyes. 

Harry: You think so? *looks at evan* 

Karen: Yeah, they're really green. 

Harry: *smiles softly* 

Kim: *forces a smile* Would you like to hold your son? 

Karen: I would love to hold him. *holds evan* Hi Evan, it's mom here. 

Kim: *gets jealous/hurt* 

Harry: *looks at kim* 

Kim: *looks at harry upset/heart beating fast* 

Evan: *cries* 

Karen: No, don't cry son, mommy's here holding you. *rocks evan* 

Harry: Congratulations. *fakes a smile* 

Karen: No, thank you. *smiles* 

Josh: He's gonna be a really handsome boy. 

Kim: *fakes a chuckle upset* 

Josh: *joins Karen and plays with evan* 

Harry: *nows gets jealous* 

Kim: I'm happy you two achieved your dreams. *fakes a smile upset* 

Karen: *chuckles happy* Thank you, I'm so happy you two let us adopt from you. 

Kim: *smiles sad* 

Harry: *smiles jealous/gives kim a serious unhappy look* 

Dr. Hope: Oh, good that you two are here, here's the information you two will need, and here's your guys copy Harry.  

Harry: *takes the envelope* 

Dr. Hope: He gets to go home, so whenever you two are ready, he can leave. 

Kim: Can I get changed. 

Karen: Oh yeah, sure. *carries evan out to the hall* 

Dr. Hope: Oh no, he has to stay in here until Kim leaves. 

Karen: Oh, I didn't know, I'm sorry. *hands evan to harry* 

Harry: *holds evan*  

Kim: *changes* 

Harry: Forgive us for doing this to you son, if anything, please find your way back to us and be ours again. 

Evan: *cries* 

Harry: Don't cry, daddy's holding you already. 

Kim: *watches harry* 

Harry: *sings the line* You know I'll be your life, your voice, your reason to be. 

My love, my heart, is beating for this moment in time, I'll find the words to say, before you leave me today. *cries silently and hugs evan in tears* 

Kim: *walks up behind harry and hugs him from behind* 

Harry: *smiles kindly and hands evan to josh*  

Josh: We'll take care of him, don't worry. 

Harry: I trust you guys. *smiles* 

Kim: *forces a smile* We'll come visit him soon. 

Karen: Ok, we'll be home. *smiles* Take care ok. 

Kim: We will. *smiles* 

Karen: *closes the door and sits in the passenger side* We'll take good care of him. 

Kim: Thank you. 

Josh: *gets in the car and drives off* 

Kim: *looks at harry* 

Harry: *puts his arms around kim and exhales*

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