They don't know about us

Pushing me against the wall, our lips were centimeters away.
Whispering into my ear, "They don't know about us."
"I can't, please stop this won't work out" I said pulling away from his tight grip.


2. Bella Taylor (chapter one)

They don't know about us

Chapter One: Bella Taylor


I'm known for being a flirt, a tease, a player but I don't mind.


My name's Bella Taylor, short for Isabella.

I'm 18 years old and I live in New York, I've recently moved from my hometown England. I'll tell you more about myself I have wavy dark brown hair which just below my chest. My eyes are the same colour as my hair and I'm naturally tanned, I have 2 older brothers. One of them is in a famous band called One direction, his name is Liam Payne. He's really protective over me although he's only my half brother, my actual brother is Jack Taylor he's not famous or anything but we've been through everything together and I trust him with my life.


Jack died a few years ago, Jack and my mum were my only family since my father left my mother after he found out that I was a girl. I've always wondered how my life would of been if I had a dad that could be there for me, since it's only been my mum she has 2 jobs and I never really got to see her. My brother has been taking care of me, he's basically raised me. 


Just before my brother died my mum met her current husband Geoff, they went out for about 2 years before finally getting married. That's when I met Liam, so basically I now only have my mum left. But the horrible thing is she died.. a year after the wedding. So I'm left with no family, since Liam is famous I hardly see him and Geoff well.. He doesn't talk to me.. So I left London and I'm living on basically nothing. 


Basically when I was in my mothers womb my father left me, at 15 years old I lost my brother, at 18 I've lost my mother and the closest relatives I have is my step dad Geoff and my half brother Liam, Geoff doesn't even talk to me and well.. Liam can't since he's on tour, basically Liam is the only person I have. He cares for me so much and I love him, I hope I can see him more often.


[ Message from Liam payne ]

Hey Bella my gorgeous girl .. x

I'm coming to new york for our tour, I'm excited to see you!

you get to meet the boys, I hope they don't annoy you to much.

Love you, hope you're doing well . x


Speak of the devil, I guess god has answered my prayers!


[ To Liam Payne | From Bella Taylor ]

Liam! I've missed you so much!

Aw, I was just thinking of you! 

What time will you be at the airport?

Love you to .. x


[ Message from Liam Payne ]

I'll be there at 12 in the afternoon .. x

You don't have to come see me!

We can just meet sometime later 

because the boys and I will probably have jet lag!


[ To Liam Payne | From Bella Taylor ]

No way! I'm coming to see you no excuses 

Bye Liam! I need to go to sleep but I'll see you soon

Have a safe flight .. x


[ Message from Liam Payne ]

Night bella wella,

Thank you! Don't let the bed bugs bite sweetie .. x


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