Summer Loving !

Tiffany White falls in love with a boy. With different events occurring, like parents getting divorced. She still stays strong and happens to like that the are now divorced.


1. The Move.

Chapter 1 :

Tiffany's POV :


   Omg ! I can't believe this, after 21 years of being married my parents are getting divorced. Being the only child this is actually very scary. I'm not sure were my life is headed, for now I am just spending my time with my best friend, Alexia, and her family.

   Every month I will be flying off from California, to see my dad, all the way to Texas, to see my mom, until I find out who I will want to live with. This is all so hard for me, I'm not sure i can handle all this. Well I better get myself together, tomorrow I leave to Texas to see my mom.


   "Wake Up !" My dad said as he playfully through a pillow at my head.


   "Ugh ! I'm up." I yell while I put my Shamu slippers on.


"Don't forget your flight leaves at 3:30 so we need to leave at 1:00."


"Dad I'm scared, do i really have to go on that plane all on my own ?"


   "Yes." My dad said like if he was about to cry.

Once I was about to leave I hugged Alexia,


   "Don't forget to text me ! And we need to video chat every once in a while. " She told me with a tear slowly crawling down her check.


   "Ok. And don't cry, you know I hate to see you cry." I told her as I made my way to my dad.


   When I got to my dad, his face was so red, he hugged me. I didn't want to let go, I knew I was gonna miss him.


   "Alright. The plane is about board, you need to get going. " He said with his voice cracking.


"Ok." I said as I turned around getting ready to start walking.


   Then my dad grabbed my hand, I tuned around and he hugged me even tighter.


"I'm gonna miss you. He told me.”


"I know, I'll miss you too. I told while bursting in tears.

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