Summer Loving !

Tiffany White falls in love with a boy. With different events occurring, like parents getting divorced. She still stays strong and happens to like that the are now divorced.


2. Texas !

  Tiffany’s POV :

      Once I got off the plane I had no idea what to do. I got my suitcases and while I was walking towards the exit I saw my mom. I walked over to her and right away she hugged me.


“Hey mom !” I tell her with a huge smile on my face.


“Hi Baby.” She said kissing me on the check. “Ok, you ready to get going.’


“Yea, ma I’m ready. I told her as I handed her my duffle bag.


   While we where in the car it was very quiet. Then finally my mom spoke up,


“I met someone here I think your going to like him.” She said it so fast like if she didn’t want me to hear her say that.


“Wait mom, do you think your really gonna have a future with this guy ?’


“Well maybe. I’m not sure yet, I wanted to let you know about him first.”


“Ok.” I look at her with my eyebrow up.


    Once we got to the house the first thing I noticed it was two-storied. It was a beautiful house,


“Omg ! Mom this is your house ?” I asked surprised.


“No, this is not my house.


“Then who’s house is it ?” I asked confused.


“It’s Tom’s house.” 

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