Summer Loving !

Tiffany White falls in love with a boy. With different events occurring, like parents getting divorced. She still stays strong and happens to like that the are now divorced.


3. Alexia is here ?


Tiffany’s POV :


  I still had no idea who Tom is and why we are at his house. My mom has been her in Texas for 2 months and all ready thinks she’s over Dad.


  My vibrating phone cut me off, it was a text from Alexia.


“Hey, your never going to believe this. My mom let me come to Texas with you ! Were are you at ? Im still at the airport.”


   After I read that text I screamed. My mom jumped,


“ Tiffany ! You scared me. Why are you screaming for ? She asked with a confused look on her face.


“Ok, mom Alexia is here in Texas ! “


“Alexia ? What is she doing here ?


“I don’t know. I guess her mom let her come. She’s at the airport right now.”


“Do you want to go get her ?” My mom asked coming back into the car.


“Yea ! Lets go.” I said all happy.


   On the way back to the airport I ask my mom why we were at Tom’s house. She told me she wanted me to meet him but she postponed it to next Friday so I could get to spend some time with Alexia.


When we got to the airport I texted Alexia.


“We’re outside, where are you at ?”


“ I just got my suitcase. I’m walking to the exit.”



     My mom and I walked up to Alexia, I hugged her and told her my plans I had for us two.

The first thing Alexia said to me was, "Wait are the boys here cute ?"

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