Twists And Spins

Tyler had enough problems going on in her family before a curly haired stranger appeared at her door, claiming to be her brother. Even though Tyler wants to keep this a secret to protect her family, the truth comes out, and new opportunities get introduced to her, as well as new trials. What will happen to Tyler's family? Will things get to tough?
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1. New Start

“Tyler!” My sister called from the other room, “I need you!” She sounded panicked.

“Just a minute, Lucy!” I replied. I did one final look in the mirror. My light brown hair was in waves that draped just past my shoulders. I was wearing a Marvel white tank top, and black shorts. I grabbed my pair of red vans and headed for the bathroom, where Lucy was. She stood there, her blonde hair tangled in rats’ nests. Her eyeliner was smudged and her lip gloss barley made it to her mouth.

“Help me.” She pleaded. I laughed and went over to my little sister.

“What happened?” I asked, brushing out her hair.

“I didn’t wake up in time. I was in a rush to get ready,” She admitted.

“Well, you look stunning.” I said sarcastically. I continued to brush out her hair. When that was done, I carefully wiped off the eyeliner and lip gloss, “There!” I said, finishing, “You don’t need makeup anyway. You’re one of those girls who can pull it off.”

“Don’t need make up, to cover up,” She sang. I rolled my eyes and walked out of the bathroom. I slipped on my vans, grabbed my keys and headed out the door, calling for Lucy on my way out. I didn’t bother saying goodbye to my dad. He was one of those people that you think you’re getting along with, and then all the sudden, they despise you.  My four brothers and sisters and I learned how to avoid him at certain times. Even James, whose four, has had to learn to “stay away from daddy when he gets home from work”.  If we did bother him, all hell would break loose. My mother was away on a trip with her mother. She left last night, out of the blue. I don’t blame her though. I would want to get out of Bakersfield as fast as I could.

I sat down in my car and started it. First day of senior year. This was bound to be interesting. Lucy got into the passenger seat, and off we went.

 “Nervous?” I asked her.

 “Pft! No.” She said, biting her lip.

 “Really?” I studied her, while we were stopped at a light.

 “Ok, yes!” She admitted, “These people haven’t seen me all summer. What if they think I changed or that I’m too ugly, or too fat!” I laughed at her statement. Lucy was very fit. She had been playing softball since age 5 and never stopped. She was the prettiest girl I knew, even though she got on my nerves. I envied her. She had deep green eyes, and curly blonde hair. She was the only one in my family that had curly hair and green eyes. I was stuck with light brown hair instead of my family’s beautiful blonde locks.

We arrived at the school with only minutes to spare. I grabbed my schedule and studied it. 1st period: Choir. I smiled to myself and headed to the choir room. As I walked inside, memories flooded my mind. This will be my fourth and last year in this class room. Truthfully, choir was my favorite class. I loved singing. I was the only one in my family besides my dad who could actually sing fairly well.

“Tyler!” A voice interrupted my thoughts. I turned around to see my best friend running towards me.

“Macie!” I shouted with joy. I met her halfway and hugged her. I hadn’t seen her since the last day of school, “Oh my gosh! How was summer in England?” I asked.

“Unbelievable!” She replied, “I have so many pictures and so much to tell you!”

“I can’t wait!” I enthused. The bell rang and I took a seat in the front row by Macie. Our directior came out of his office.

“Welcome back, Chamber Choir!” He greeted us. He wasn’t a tall man, but he wasn’t short either. He was lean and pale with dark hair and dark eyes. You’d think he’d be one of those mysterious guys that the girls just swooned over. Not Mr. Quin. He was quirky and loud. To him, choir was all about doing your best, while still enjoying yourself. He was laidback, yet he would be firm when he needed to be. 

“Oh my gosh, can we please talk about how One Direction is in town?” A girl whispered to her friend behind me. I looked at Macie and rolled my eyes. We never really liked the boy-band type. I mean, I knew some of their songs, but I never really got so invested like a lot of the girls here.

“Oh I know! Did they even say why they’re here?” The other girl whispered back.

“Nope! Just showed up.” The first one shrugged.

“Ehem,” Mr. Quin cleared his throat, “Janice and Felicity, can I have your attention up here, please?”

“Yeah, sorry.” The first girl (I’m guessing Janice) apologized.


I walked through the door, and threw my bag on the ground. I walked to the kitchen to get myself something to eat.

“James!” I heard my dad shout from his bedroom. Suddenly, he comes storming out of his bedroom. “Where’s James?” He turned to me. I could tell by his expression that he was angry. What did James do this time?

“I don’t know,” I shrugged, “I just got home.”

My dad just grunted and kept looking. I bent down to open the cupboard, and was startled when I found James, hiding inside. His big brown eyes were swollen and red. He had his shaggy blonde hair all in front of his face.  I almost yelled for my dad when James held a single finger to his lips. I nodded, and made sure the coast was clear.

“What happened, J.J.?” I asked.

“I colored on daddy’s ‘pecial paper.” He whispered, “Now he’s ferstrated. He told me so. So I ‘cided to hide in the cupberd.”

“You have to go face him sometime.” I told him.

“Home!” Two voices from the front door called. Keegan and Nicole appeared in the kitchen and went straight from the fridge.

Keegan was tall and sporty. Even at 12 years old, he was the best soccer player I’d seen.  Nicole, 10, was the complete opposite. She was a bit on the shorter side. She was usually seen as weak link in most cases. However, if you ever told you that, she would go to the ends of the earth to prove you wrong.  Both of them had light brown eyes, and blonde hair.

“I hate my new teacher,” Keegan frowned, “She gave us homework on the first day.”

“Mine didn’t!” Nicole sang.

 “Shut up, Nicole! No one asked you!” Keegan snapped at her.

“Mom said you aren’t allowed to say those words!” Nicole spat right back.

“James!” My dad yelled again.

Soon chaos filled my house. My dad was yelling, looking for James. Keegan and Nicole were fighting over who-knows-what. Lucy soon entered into the argument by yelling at everyone to be quiet. I sat there trying to get James to come out, but he just started to cry. The room got louder, and louder, I barely heard the doorbell ring. I looked around. I was the only one who noticed it. I sighed and stood up. I walked over to the door, and answered it.

In front of my stood a tall boy. He had eyes the color of Lucy’s, and curly hair. I had recognized him from somewhere. I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

“Hello, does Edward Wood live here?” He had a deep British accent.

“Uh, yeah, why?” I asked.

“I-“ He stopped and paused for a moment, “I just really need to talk to him.” I opened the door and let him inside.

“Wait here,” I said, motioning him to sit on the couch. He sat down on the couch as I walked away to get my dad. I felt someone grab hold of my arm and turned to see Lucy’s pale face.

“Why is Harry Styles in our living room?” She asked quietly.

“Harry Styles? Why does that name sound so familiar?” I kept walking to my dad’s room.

“Because he’s in One Direction.” She stated. I froze. What was he doing here?

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