Twists And Spins

Tyler had enough problems going on in her family before a curly haired stranger appeared at her door, claiming to be her brother. Even though Tyler wants to keep this a secret to protect her family, the truth comes out, and new opportunities get introduced to her, as well as new trials. What will happen to Tyler's family? Will things get to tough?
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9. New Faces and Stress Relievers

"It's so nice out here!" Jessie laughed spinning around.

"Are you kidding?!" I asked in disbelief, hugging myself, "It's so cold!"

"Ah it feels so good!" She let her arms out and laughed, "And the fans can't get to us!"

"Are they really that bad?" I asked. She looked at me in disbelief.

"Hun," she put her hand on my shoulder, "They can be real animals!"

We giggled and went back to enjoying being outside.

"JESSICA!" A loud voice rang out from behind us. I turned around to see a blonde Jessie behind me. But I turned around, and Jessie was right there and with her dark hair. She had a twin.

"Crap!" Jessie muttered.

"You disappeared!" The twin said, "Do you understand that this amazing new job could all be thrown away because of a stunt like this?"

"Relax!" Jessie said, "I just needed some air!" 

"You NEED to get ready for tonight!" The twin nagged, "I don't want this girl thinking that we're just a bunch of troublemakers." She looked over at me, "Who's she?"

"This is Tyler Wood!" Jessie gave a wicked smile. 

The twin's face went pale and she immediately stuck out her hand, "I'm Elizabeth." 

Went to shake it but her hand was shaking.

"I'm so sorry," She apologized, "For both my sister and I."

"Oh, there's nothing to be sorry about!" I smiled, "But you should stay out here. You seem a bit stressed."

"A bit?" Elizabeth said, "Management told us that we would be on a tight leash and if we screwed up, we couldn't have the job." She took a deep breath, "We need this job."

"Hey," Jessie warned to her sister, "We don't go there." She almost sounded offended.

Elizabeth rolled her eyes and continued, "We've just had a tough time."

"Tell me about it." I sighed leaning against a wall, "My life is far from extraordinary."

"Really?" Jessie tilted her head, "But you are living the dream for most teenage girls. You have a super famous brother who has super famous friends."

"Well, yeah," I shrugged, "I'm glad Harry came into my life and the boys are fine and all," I paused, "But it brought more problems. And my family is broken from having to many problems." 

"Oh," Jessie muttered. 

"And I really don't want to do this job." I stated firmly, but then I realized what I had said, "Sorry, I didn't mean offense to you girls, it's just the job. I don't want to be famous. I don't want to perform in front of people. I don't want this life."

"Me neither," Elizabeth sighed, "I mean, I need to take it, and I'm very grateful that I have this opportunity, it's just it also has it's downs." I nodded in agreement.

"Well, I don't understand!" Jessie whined, "This is so cool that we get to do this! I'm super excited about it!" We both just stared at her, "You guys will see! I promise!" 

And we did. It just took a little push.

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