Twists And Spins

Tyler had enough problems going on in her family before a curly haired stranger appeared at her door, claiming to be her brother. Even though Tyler wants to keep this a secret to protect her family, the truth comes out, and new opportunities get introduced to her, as well as new trials. What will happen to Tyler's family? Will things get to tough?
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5. Nerves

I walked into a suite just like Harry's. Except this one had a long, dark table spread out across the front room. Sitting there were 5 men, dressed in business attire. There were laptops and notes spread out across the table. However, they turned their attention to me when I entered the room, and smiled at me.

I noticed across the room, 3 younger guys sat smiling at me too. I hated it. It made me nervous and uncomfortable. I recognized them as members of the band. However, one was missing. It was the blonde one, whose name I couldn't remember.

"Miss Wood, have a seat," a very plain man gestured to a seat across from him at the table. I nodded and took the seat.

"How are you, Tyler?" The dark man at the end asked. He had a gruff British accent.

"Fine," I lied.

"We heard you had a pretty confusing couple of days," he smiled at me. I nodded in reply.

"Well, we would like to help make it better." He started again, "Harry mentioned you were in choir." I nodded again. "Can you sing?"

I felt the blood begin to rush to my cheeks. Nevertheless, I nodded back.

"Would you show us please?" He asked.

I began to feel myself sink in my chair. I bobbed my head and stood up. I felt my breaths getting uneven. I'm usually not this nervous but now I was being judged. Seriously judged. I knew this was going to happen, but I wasn't prepared.

"Uh," I stood there, with my hands intertwined behind my back, "Any requests?"

"No sweetheart, sing what ever you'd like." Another man told me.

I look to Harry like a lost puppy. He shrugged and gestured me to go on. I looked at the floor, and thought to my self.

"This is a story that I have never told," I began sining, a bit shaky, but I got ahold of myself. The song I sang was called "Warrior" by Demi Lovato. I decided this song was MY song. It really helped me after what happened in the summer. As I went on, I grew more confident. After I was done, I opened my eyes to all of the men typing things on their computer. My heart seemed to be holding on only by a string as I awaited their response. All of the sudden, a loud applause rang behind me. Harry and the 3 boys clapped and whistled until they were cut off from the plain man.

"Very good," he said, "can you play any instruments?"

"I can play guitar," I offered, "I mean, not a lot, but I can play chords and strum pretty well."

"Very good," he nodded and typed something on his laptop. After a moment, he looked back up at me, "Alright, we will let you know if we can figure something out." Boom. Heart dropped. I went over to Harry, and he led me out into the hallway and into his suite.

"That was amazing!" Harry gasped, "Where'd you learn to sing like that?"

"Genetics?" I guessed. Harry laughed.

"I'm gonna go get the boys!" He said on his way out the door.

I couldn't take it anymore. I fell on the sofa and cried and cried. That was the scariest thing I had ever done in my life. I was judged. Seriously judged. And they didn't even react. My heart made it harder and harder to breathe. Which made the crying worse.

"Tough day, huh?" A voice with an accent spoke behind me.

I quickly turned to see a tall, blonde guy leaning against a wall.

"What are you doing here?" I gasped, hesitantly wiping my tears, "and who are you?"

"Not important," he shrugged, "What's wrong?"

" Just got a little scared." I said quietly, "Aren't you a bit curious of what I'm doing in Harry's hotel room?"

"Nope," He smiled, "Harry told us about you."

"Oh," I said. Then I remembered, "Oh! You're the blonde one!"

"Yeah?" He looked confused.

"You're in the band!" I smiled.

"Oh, yeah." He said, then held out his hand, "My name's Niall."

"Tyler," I shook his hand and smiled. Niall and I talked for a bit until Harry and the boys walked in. He seemed like a great guy. I was really starting to see the upside of this whole situation.

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