Twists And Spins

Tyler had enough problems going on in her family before a curly haired stranger appeared at her door, claiming to be her brother. Even though Tyler wants to keep this a secret to protect her family, the truth comes out, and new opportunities get introduced to her, as well as new trials. What will happen to Tyler's family? Will things get to tough?
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3. Finding Solutions

   “How old are they?” Harry asked leaning against a small willow tree. I had him drive me to a small hidden park behind my old neighborhood.

   “Well,” I sighed, playing with a piece of grass, “Lucy is 15, Keegan is 12, Nicole is 9, and James is 4.”

   “What about you?” He asked.

   “Uh,” I hesitated, “I’m 16, but I’ll be turning 17 soon.”  He nodded and looked out over the park.

   “So, what’s so special about this place?” He sat down next to me.

   “Since I was 5, I would come out here almost every day,” I replied, “I would go out here after a bad day, fight, or when I just wasn’t feeling right. It was my safe haven It hasn’t been upgraded since 1960 something. So they fenced it up. They were going to bulldoze it and make room for more houses. But it was never bulldozed. I made a hole in the fence and as I grew it got bigger and bigger.” I paused before continuing, “This place always seemed to give me inspiration for solving my problems.”

   “And how’s it going with this one?” Harry urged.

   “I’m getting nothing.” I stopped playing with the grass and threw my hands in my lap.

   “Well, management wants to announce this as soon as possible, so –

   “What?” I interrupted, “No!”

   “Why?” He asked, almost offended.

   “That will ruin your reputation! The press won’t leave you alone! Plus I wouldn’t be able to find my real friends verses the ones who only like me to get to you.” I was horrified by the thought. What if everyone laughed at me because I wasn’t like my brother? I mean, I wasn’t popular, I couldn’t sing as well as he, I just wasn’t as talented as he was.

   “But we could have so much fun!” He whined.

   “No,” I shook my head, “It would be better to keep it a secret. For all of us. My family has enough problems going on.”

   “OUR family.” He winked.

   “Oh wow! That sounds so strange,” I quietly laughed to myself


   “But why?!” Lucy whined from the passenger seat. 

 “He said he could get in really big trouble,” I lied, “He could be kicked out of the band.” Lucy gasped and quickly shut her mouth. She looked at me and nodded in agreement.

   After Harry dropped me off the day before, I was expecting my dad to be furious at me, wanting an explanation as to where I went. But he said nothing. He treated it like nothing. As if, he didn’t care if I even came back. Harry said he and my dad made amends but the way my dad reacted when Harry was mentioned didn’t seem like it. Lucy was the only other one who knew about Harry. If I told her the real reason why we were keeping this on the down low, she would go on and on about how we were “strong enough” to handle it. Right now, my family is anything but strong.

   As I walked into school, got a text message:


MSG: Hey, I’ll be back tonight around 9. Hope the house is still clean!

 A wave of panic rushed through me. I had no idea how she was going to react. She could leave us. Just like that. Or she could take us away. Either one was bad. My thoughts were interrupted by another text message.

FROM: Harry

MSG: I need to talk to you.

   I quickly typed out a reply.

TO: Harry

MSG: Later.

   I shoved the phone in my pocket and headed to my class. When I walked in, Macie was lying on the small, puke green sofa shoved in the corner of the room. Her eyes got wide when she saw me, and she nearly hurled herself across the room to get to me.

   “Tyler!” She cried, “You will not believe what happened yesterday!” Tell me about it.

   “What happened?” I asked, curious. My phone buzzed in my pocket, but I ignored it.

   “You know that band that’s in town?”  She said with such amusement.

   “Um, which one?” I acted clueless.

  “Oh, I think it’s The Direction, or something like that.” She fidgeted with her fingers trying to think of the name, “Anyway, they’re staying at my dad’s hotel.” She said this quietly, so the other girls didn’t hear her, "Well, one of them was. I guess he's leaving today."

   “Since when are you into boybands?” I walked over to my seat and sat my stuff down.

   “I’m not, but ,” She paused, “Wouldn’t it be cool to meet someone famous?”

   “Not them,” I shrugged.

   “I thought you didn’t have an opinion on them,” She said suspiciously, “But now your acting like you want nothing to do with them. What happened?”

   “Nothing,” I lied, “I just don’t have any interest in wasting my time to go and see them.”

   Our director walked to the front of the room and we began learning out first piece. It was a soft Italian song. Our Soprano part was very delicate and seemed to complete the piece. It was a sorrowful song, about love and death. Halfway through our 5th time running through the song, our director stopped us to critique the tenors. He was saying how they needed to be more confident and --

   “Oh my gosh.” I heard one of the girls behind me say. I turned my attention to the door, where a familiar curly haired boy stood. Soon, all the attention was on him. Yet, there was no screaming. Just silence. I sat down and tried to hide my face. Why was he here?

   “Er, Hi.” Harry awkwardly smiled, then turned to our director, “Uh, I need to speak with one of your students.”

   “Uh,” Even my director was stunned to see him, “W-which one?”

   “Is Tyler here?” He asked. Sure enough, everyone turned to me. I lifted my head up and saw Harry gleaming.

   “Tyler, I need to talk to you.” He walked over to me. I looked around at all the faces staring at me. I saw confusion, jealousy, surprised. And then I reached Macie’s face. She seemed disappointed at me.

   “Can we do this later?” I whispered, even though it was no use. The room was so quiet, my whisper seemed to echo.

   “It is later.” Harry wrinkled his eyebrows.

   “I meant after school.” I replied.

   “Actually, no,” He said nervously, “Can we PLEASE talk now?”

   “After class.” I nodded.

   Harry smiled and walked away, stopping at our director before exiting. “You have a truly talented choir, sir.” Harry smiled, and walked away.  Then again, all eyes were on me.

   “Uh, let’s run it over again.” Mr. Quin said, slowly motioning for our choir to stand up. I looked back at Macie. She wasn’t looking at me anymore. I wish I had felt like I should have told her but I knew I couldn’t have. And if had to do it over again, I still wouldn’t have told her. That would just draw more attention.

   After 20 more minutes of glaring eyes, and hushed questions, I was finally free from that class. And there was Harry, Leaning up against a wall outside of the classroom.

   “How does she know Harry Styles?” One girl snarled behind me, “Why would he want to be friends with someone like that?”

   I felt tears spring to my eyes, but I quickly pushed them away. Harry caught my eye, and walked over to me.

   “Hey!” He greeted.

   “What was that?” I demanded.

   “Er, Later?” Harry guessed, “It’s kinda important!”

    “What is?” I asked furious.

    “Excuse me,” We turned around to see three girls with a camera out, “Could we get a picture with you?” I recognized the voice of the girl talking. She thought Harry was too good to be seen with me.

    "Um, I'm actually in the middle of something-

    "We didn't ask you." The girl interrupted me, then turned and smiled to Harry.

    "We ARE in the middle of something, and I regret to inform you that I don't socialize with people who are rude to my," Harry hesitated for a moment.

    "Friends," I finished for him.

    "Right," Harry nodded. The girls stood there with their mouths hung open. Harry grabbed the sleeve of my shirt and led me away towards the office. 

   “We have to go to LA, and you need to come with us.” He told me.

   “Us?” I questioned. Who else was coming?

   “The boys. The ones in my band.” He affirmed .

   “Why do we need to go to LA?” I asked.

   “Management is meeting us there,” He said, “They want to meet you. They wanted to talk to Edward, but he is ‘unable to make it.’” Harry used his fingers to make quotation marks to indicate my dad’s obvious lying.

   “Well, why me?” I questioned. Why was I so special?

   “Because they want to see what you are like, to see if they could offer you any new opportunities.” Harry said. I rolled my eyes at that statement and shrugged it off. I had no idea what was up ahead.

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