I'll Be There

the day you and the sun died was when you left me and your child why would you leave me ? why would you leave your children? they will never known there father?


6. What's Going On

RECAP: I run downstairs to open the door to see Harry standing there I look up at Harry and choke on my own spit what's he doing here I thought that I needed to abort this "thing" or be with him he said it himself so why is her here, he doesn't care anymore "Aaron I was being so stupid can you please take me back" Harry says getting right to the point I actually kinda hate him for his confidence and the fact that he would think that he'd be accepted back into our lives. "I'm sorry but someone has filled the position" I say attempting to shut the door but Harry put his boot right inbetween the frame and the bottom of the door and gives me a pleading look. "Please Aaron" Harry's eyes are glazed over and he blinks innocently down at me, my face flushes deep red I open the door and guide Harry into the kitchen making sure not to wake Niall up "Explain" I say in the most stern voice I can conjure up Harry has always made me feel giddy just by his presence his words always made me weak at the knees even if we were arguing which we didn't do a lot of "I didn't think I was ready for a child so I thought making you feel bad would make you abort the baby because I had a bit going on in my mind Aaron I love you honestly with all of my heart please just give me one more chance" Harry says his voice is shaky and his eyes have tears in them, I blink back a few tears of my own and walk over to the cupboard to grab two tea cups. "How do I know I can trust you" I say fully concentrating on the tea i'm preparing, Harry can break me mentally and i'll be puddy in his hands all over again he'll mold me into a figure that believes all of the words he speaks, he make me his slave for love he doesn't even know it I'll do anything from him when I fall head over heels. "Watch me when you see change you'll know you can trust me" He says walking into the living room I finish making the tea and bring a cup to Harry he sips it and flashes me a smile if I didn't have my guard up I'd probably be dead on the floor from the looks he give me they just take over my body and make me do things i'm too embarrassed to admit. "What's this I hear about me being "replaced" yeah?" Harry says putting finger quotes over the word replaced, I look up at him hiding any emotion that the old me might've  shown, I shrug my shoulders and take another sip of my tea "Teas' good yeah?" I say avoiding the situation I can tell Harry's trying to remain calm because he kinda did get replaced by Niall but hey he should have stuck around, in my opinion he shouldn't be upset because he did leave under his own volition I never forced him away. "Aaron" Harry presses licking his lip and blinking his eyes in one swift movement it's sexy and plain but the way he does it, I swear if he does anything else I might just submit to his every will. "It's just Niall, he's a good guy" I say wincing when he puts his feet on the table Harry never abused me physically verbally or mentally but i'm afraid of how he'll react, He mutters something under his breath then glances over at me "Has he been inside you while I was gone" Harry says digging his nails deeps into his palms, I nod biting my bottom lip, Harry's nails dig even deeper causing blood to drip from his fresh wounds.  I tense up as I wait for his response Harry picks me up and tries to carry me to the bedroom I hold onto the wall and stop him from going back there (A/N Niall is back there) "Actually me and Niall are in a faithful relationship" I say nervously looking down at Harry he nips at my neck and sucks at my sweets spot earning a moan here and there he pulls back and admires his work "You sure? remember that time you couldn't walk for a week because your bum was so sore then it was still sore the rest of the month that was good wasn't it" Harry says giving me a sexy look his voice is so gruff and sexy I look down at my white shirt and see the blood from Harry's hands is on my shirt "Harry you've got blood on your hands"  I say looking at Harry's hands he puts me down and walks to the bathroom rinsing his hands humming a song I don't care to remember the name of. I hear stirring in my bedroom so I open the door and look at Niall he's yawning and stretching walking around Fuck! Harry can't know he's here he'll kill him, I rush over to Niall and tell him to stay out i'm dealing with Harry, Niall looks upset but I just brush it off. "Aaron whatc'ha doing" I hear Harry say in his charming Cheshire accent "Just getting something" I say hoping he'll believe me but apparently not because I hear his footsteps approaching the door and then what I feared most just happened he opened the door and his jaw dropped he clenched his fists in anger and then stormed over to me and Niall shouting and upset violent mannerisms. "Harry! Stop!" I shout but it was too late My First Chapter Hope You Like It         Comments Feedback Votes Do It!                                   Nand0sHero
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