I'll Be There

the day you and the sun died was when you left me and your child why would you leave me ? why would you leave your children? they will never known there father?


5. Romeo And Cinderella

I feel so in love kinda like Cinderella but will I be the tragedy like Juliet I hope not Niall in bed is amazing or should I say shower was amazing he was gently and sweet but also pleasurable Niall is and always be my best mate and partner now we've made it official we're dating now

after amazing shower sex I took the food Niall had bought me and went downstairs pouring all the chesses we had into before throwing it in the oven after about 10 minutes I pull it out to eat a whole tray of pasta when niall comes down to see me scarfing my face


I look up to see Niall taking pictures of me

Im making that my new wallpaper he said with a smile

I shrugged and went back to my food not caring at all I at at least 2/3 of the pasta before I got sick of it and grabbed a jar of olives from the cabinet and started munching on thoses

I thought you hated olives Niall said

I do I said with a smile I'm just craving them for some reason

he smiled and peaked me on the cheek I love you he said

I love you to Ni I smiled

I nearly finished the jar of olives and then put them back in the fridge

it was at least 10:30 and I ran up stairs to see my Baby Nialler sleeping

I climb over to my side of the bed and crawl in I kiss him on the forehead and say I love you baby

I pulls me into his chest I inhale his cologne I love the smell of Niall

we cuddle for the night its the best feeling to have someone you love near you but will this last or will it be like me and harry no it cant be I thought Niall will always be there for me he loves me we'll never be apart this is my princess finds prince story this is not Romeo and Juliet and will never be but I feel a tight knot in my stomach and just the there's a loud knock

I run downstairs to open the door to see Harry standing there


A/N: Hello to all my people I would like to thank you all for reading and I've partnered with Nand0sHero to help me with this fanfic so please big round of applause to him for helping love you all next chapter will be written by him so bye bye



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