I'll Be There

the day you and the sun died was when you left me and your child why would you leave me ? why would you leave your children? they will never known there father?


8. Rolling Boy

RECAP: I run downstairs to open the door to see Harry standing there I look up at Harry and choke on my own spit what's he doing here I thought that I needed to abort this "thing" or be with him he said it himself so why is her here, he doesn't care anymore "Aaron I was being so stupid can you please take me back" Harry says getting right to the point I actually kinda hate him for his confidence and the fact that he would think that he'd be accepted back into our lives. "I'm sorry but someone has filled the position" I say attempting to shut the door but Harry put his boot right  in between the frame and the bottom of the door and gives me a pleading look. "Please Aaron" Harry's eyes are glazed over and he blinks innocently down at me, my face flushes deep red I open the door and guide Harry into the kitchen making sure not to wake  Niall up "Explain" I say in the most stern voice I can conjure up Harry has always made me feel giddy just by his presence his words always made me weak at the knees even if we were arguing which we didn't do a lot of "I didn't think I was ready for a child so I thought making you feel bad would make you abort the baby because I had a bit going on in my mind Aaron I love you honestly with all of my heart please just give me one more chance" Harry says his voice is shaky and his eyes have tears in them, I blink back a few tears of my own and walk over to the cupboard to grab two tea cups. "How do I know I can trust you" I say fully concentrating on the tea i'm preparing, Harry can break me mentally and i'll be  puddy in his hands all over again he'll mold me into a figure that believes all of the words he speaks, he make me his slave for love he doesn't even know it I'll do anything from him when I fall head over heels. "Watch me when you see change you'll know you can trust me" He says walking into the  livingroom I finish making the tea and bring a cup to Harry he sips it and flashes me a smile if I didn't have my guard up I'd probably be dead on the floor from the looks he give me they just take over my body and make me do things i'm too  embarrassed to admit. "What's this I hear about me being "replaced" yeah?" Harry says putting finger quotes over the word replaced, I look up at him hiding any emotion that the old me might've  shown, I shrug my shoulders and take another sip of my tea "Teas' good yeah?" I say avoiding the situation I can tell Harry's trying to remain calm because he kinda did get replaced by  Niall but hey he  shoud have stuck around, in my opinion he shouldn't be upset because he did leave under his own volition I never forced him away. "Aaron" Harry presses licking his lip and blinking his eyes in one swift movement it's sexy and plain but the way he does it, I swear if he does anything else I might just submit to his every will. "It's just  Niall , he's a good guy" I say wincing when he puts his feet on the table Harry never abused me physically verbally or mentally but i'm afraid of how he'll react, He mutters something under his breath then glances over at me "Has he been inside you while I was gone" Harry says digging his nails deeps into his palms, I nod biting my bottom lip, Harry's nails dig even deeper causing blood to drip from his fresh wounds.  I tense up as I wait for his response Harry picks me up and tries to carry me to the bedroom I hold onto the wall and stop him from going back there (A/N  Niall is back there) "Actually me and  Niall are in a faithful relationship" I say nervously looking down at Harry he nips at my neck and sucks at my sweets spot earning a moan here and there he pulls back and admires his work "You sure? remember that time you couldn't walk for a week because your bum was so sore then it was still sore the rest of the month that was good wasn't it" Harry says giving me a sexy look his voice is so gruff and sexy I look down at my white shirt and see the blood from Harry's hands is on my shirt "Harry you've got blood on your hands"  I say looking at Harry's hands he puts me down and walks to the bathroom rinsing his hands humming a song I don't care to remember the name of. I hear stirring in my bedroom so I open the door and look at  Niall he's yawning and stretching walking around Fuck! Harry can't know he's here he'll kill him, I rush over to  Niall  and tell him to stay out i'm dealing with Harry,  Niall looks upset but I just brush it off. "Aaron what'cha doing" I hear Harry say in his charming Cheshire accent  "Just getting something" I say hoping he'll believe me but apparently not because I hear his footsteps approaching the door and then what I feared most just happened he opened the door and his jaw dropped he clenched his fists in anger and then stormed over to me and  Niall shouting and upset violent mannerisms. "Harry! Stop!" I shout but it was too late

(Present Time)

I wake up and smile remembering last nights events meeting Louis and  Zayn they seem to be kind people letting a stranger into their house, I need to go to my doctor for a checkup without  Niall and Harry they put stress on me and I don't really want to lose my baby because if they continue to act like they're acting as of now this baby will be all I have left. I walk into the  bathroom and shower washing yesterday's filth off of me, I lather up my hair and body rinsing the soap from my skin and  immersing my head under the water. I get out of the shower and snatch a towel from the cupboard under the sink and dry my skin  running my fingers through my damp hair. "Aaron, Aaron" I hear Louis shouting as he walks through the hallways their house is a nice size and has about five bedrooms on the middle floor two bedrooms on the mid section of the house all of them containing full bathrooms the bottom floor has two bedrooms with half bathrooms in each and then upstairs  there's the attic which serves as a family room, according to  Zayn who was up all night listening to a constant loop of  Ariana  Grande's new album. "In Here" I shout back wrapping the towel  around my waist and searching for new clothes somehow I figured that they would have some since they seem to have everything else even shoes coats and formal wear maybe they have guests often and it's be easier to have clothes in the rooms just in case. Louis walks into the room that i'm currently occupying and he sits on the bed "Hey" I say grabbing the lotion and rubbing it onto my arms and face I wait for him to continue "I'll be going to work soon and  Zayn's going to be here by himself  soooo.." He draws out "I could spend time with him he's pretty cool and you've been so kind and let me stay in your home how many other ways could I repay you?" I say pulling a shirt over my head and ruffling my hair 'Thanks  JuJu" Louis smiles and I smile back but then my smile quickly falls, how does he know my nickname !@*^ "How'd you know that was my nickname?" I question and he glances down at my chest "Your necklace, it says  JuJu" He walks out of the room and down the stairs leaving me in a state I'd never be able to explain, I take the cold metal into my hands and brush over the  engravement  on the back it must've been flipped,  Niall gave me this when we were younger  I had the sun and he had the moon but I gave Harry the one that has the sun and moon connected because Harry's my everything.... I push my face into my pillow sobbing so that I can't be heard but I let all of my emotions out, my crazy mixed up emotions I want Harry I want  Niall but I can decide who I love and need more. I feel like there's lust when me and  Niall are together I love him but when I'm with Harry I fall in love all over again when in all actuality if Harry told me to jump from the London eye I'd do it I think  Niall  is good for me but Harry, this is his baby too, i'm just confused and their not making it any better. I finally stop crying and I shut my eyes letting the darkness take over


Louis  POV ( BAM WHAT!) I walk down the stairs and I leave out obviously what I said sparked a nerve somewhere deep in Aaron's heart, I heard his muffled sobs coming from the bedroom it disturbed me but in a different way than usual. His sobs were desperate and filled with many emotions but I could tell he wanted to be left alone, the word desperate had so many meaning it was like a rose in the winter it could mean many things but the type of desperate Aaron was it was just different he's breaking like a mirror, the mirror can only be cracked so many times before it shatters, and I see that in Aaron I just hope we can put the pieces back together. I step into the Starbucks and walk to the back fastening my apron and setting up shop for the day baking the bagels and other delicacies muffins cupcakes etc. I'll bring home a few for Aaron and  Zayn they might have cravings. "Hey  LiLi!" I shout waving at 

Liam profusely attempting to get his attention "Hey Lou bear"  Liam says, his cheeks turn crimson and he waves back at me, what was that about (A/N Louis is oblivious to  Liams crush on him) The day goes by as fast as lightning most of the time I took orders, even though I may be the manager I feel as if though interacting with the customers is a necessity because I can't be just lazy, I type up the report for the day including sales, promotions, tips, endorsements and wages plus our net we make quite a bit of money for a 'coffee shop' Liam and me are the only ones that are here as of now since we work the hardest and were both Managers and it's kind of a requirement that we get all of this work done, it never really bothers me that I have to do it but not a lot of people can handle responsibility. I hear footsteps but I never look up from my work I know it's just  Liam so I continue filing papers and typing up reports it's about 9:00 and I should be home before 1:00 so that I can take care of  Zayn  but i'm sure he and Aaron have been having boat loads of fun since I left. "Lou bear I have a question"  Liam says twirling his thumbs "I have an answer" I say looking up from my work all I have to do now is file this last paper and i'm done "I know your kind of busy but...." He draws out "I was wondering if we could go out like you and me not like a date because that would be weird right? but I was wondering if we could just go out for a drink or something"  Liams manages all in one breath "I don't know  Liam I-" "Please Louis please" He never uses my real name he always calls me Lou, Lou bear or some other nickname "Okay" What else would I do since I don't have to be back until 1:00 and if Aaron is keeping  Zayn  any company then i'm sure they'll be fine "Thank you thank you"  Liam practically shouts I file that one last paper toss my apron to the side exiting the restaurant We enter a club and already the music is loud there are people grinding on each other and the air smells of alcohol me and  Liam sit down at the bar and I immediately start downing shot 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and then I lost count  Liam told me I had about 10-12 drinks he was barely drunk.


{Liam  POV} I have Louis right where I want him, I know he's with  Zayn but I can treat him better so much better, I hop in my car with after strapping Louis in and I drive for about a good thirty minutes before I pull into my driveway carrying Louis bridal style upstairs to my room. " Liam were are we" Louis says groaning "In a safe place" I say splaying him out on my bed pulling his shirt off and placing kisses onto his chest sucking his neck giving him love bites here and there earning a few moans of satisfaction from him, I kiss him tasting the alcohol on his breath he swipes his tongue across my bottom lip and I grant him entrance our tongues touch and we both moan.


[Louis  POV] Liam licks at my V-line nipping and sucking on the skin in between  and that's when I couldn't take it anymore I couln't resist the urge the darkness grew and shadowed over me flickering on and off before it completely takes over






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