I'll Be There

the day you and the sun died was when you left me and your child why would you leave me ? why would you leave your children? they will never known there father?


11. Mother Please

:::Aaron POV:::


I woke up the next morning with a loud sigh and a more than needed crack of my back. Last night was hectic, Zayn's hurt, I'm hurt, Louis and Harry are just overall pricks I hope that they're happy with slag and Liam who apparently are better than us.   Harry said he'd changed and I'm such a fool, I believed him. I knew that Harry would do bad but not what he did last night that was unexpected, I think that if I was in a proper state at the time I would've expected his inappropriate behaviour but god I almost killed a street slag for sleeping with Harry, he's not even worth the trouble.


  I hear a low growl and then a smack to my face at first I would've been mad but then I realized that it was Zayn so I just turned to my left and smiled at him. You could tell that he had been crying because his eyes were red and puffy and his once beautifully tanned skin had lost a bit of it's colour. I know that the skin discolouration wasn't from the crying but because of the stress of being pregnant and losing someone so close, so maybe the crying had a small amount of effect on it.  

"Good morning Aaron" Zayn says in his low deep voice it almost reminded me of Harry because of the way that he spoke but then again Zayn sounded different and he pronounced a few words weirdly. "Top of the morning Zayn." I say mimicking his accent in a slightly higher octave, he pulled a silly face that either meant that I was spot on or I sounded like a dog and a pig trying to have sexual intercourse so I just laughed and soon enough Zayn joined in honestly I don't really think there was anything worth laughing about but I'll just blame it on those pregnancy hormones.


  "I have a doctors appointment then my mum is coming to town I better get ready" I hear my muffled voice sound out you see my mum is a very puritanical woman and she thinks that Harry is Satan's son. (I'm starting to think so too) but she also thinks that I need to be some perfect son. I get up stretching and yawning then heading to the bathroom to shower brush my hair my teeth and make myself as presentable as possible my mum expects a perfect image whenever she visits to terrorize the town.   "Zayn my mum is coming to the flat to take me to the doctors then she's staying over for a night or two" I explain and Zayn just shrugs and continues to clean up the kitchen quickly moving on to the living room honestly Zayn's like a damn supermum or something turning into a tornado to make every corner of the house sparkle.


  I hear a sharp yet rickety knock that pricked the air, I immediately fixed myself as much as possible before inhaling and opening the door to reveal an icy cold stare I bow my head and step aside peaking at her protruding figure pushing into my home to examine the quality.   "Aaron we need to leave twenty-minutes prior to the scheduled appointment in order to confirm that all is right, in the car now" She demands of course I was out the door faster than lightning and in the front seat and strapped in like it was a job.  


My mum immediately came walking from the flat with a stern look painted across her face it made me cringe pretty much everything that she did made me cringe she was like a thorn in my side I honestly love her but she's a got damn pain.   The car ride is anything but silent since she wants to keep poking and prodding into my life "So where's Harry" Her voice is stamped with utter disgust and absolute hatred, I can't bring myself to hate Harry but I can act towards him as if I do right?   "He's gone nothing but clear skies ahead" My voice is so inept right now that I'd be surprised if she'd hear me just so that she can rub it in using god as her defense mechanism; and here it comes.  


"God is always watching and he knows what's best and what's best is for that boy to be gone from your life" Her voice is louder and even more stern if that's possible she has a like PMS or something I think but she might have gone through that menopause thing already soooo...   "But mum I love him, he's so special to me." My voice is about to break and I have a feeling she could tell because she shot daggers at me as soon as I finished my little sentence she doesn't really understand me like I'd like her to but I guess that she never will.   "Aaron that boy is the son of Satan and if you continue to let him take up space in your life he's going to drag you straight to eternal damnation along side him.   "I'm not with him anymore so why does is even matter anyways" I harshly wipe the tears away from my now red face. I think she likes to see me like this, broken hurt and in need of some serious help.   "AARON YOU WILL STOP THIS FOOLISHNESS RIGHT NOW!" She screams, her mild voice trembling a bit in the process this only makes me cry more I'm like a shadow in a small corner and she's and over powering light that hurts me and betrays me.  


"We're here" Her voice is now calm but stern. Not even twenty seconds ago she was yelling at me and I was defending myself how can she as a 'mother' pretend that what just happened didn't happen.   We step into the doctors office and my eyes are puffy and red according to the secretary but I couldn't care less it's no one business and it doesn't matter anymore as long as I'm safe right?   "The nurse calls me in and tells me that my doctor will be in shortly and that the wait is maybe about five minutes. I just need to see how the baby's doing so that we can make sure that everything is progressing well, last time Niall was with me so I was more calm and in fact did not look like a wreck.   "Hello, I'm Dr. Luke Phillips" A tall fit man walks in after knocking, extending his hands, I sit up and grab his warm hand shaking it with determination it's best to be appropriate and cordial with my doctor because he's kind of in control of my baby   Dr. Phillips has brown hair that is quite wavy he's about 1.91 meters (No I'm not a creep it's just, never mind) his eyes are a blue and he's pretty fit, like I said earlier I'm not too tall so it's like he's a giant I might be at the most 1.75 metres but....


  "So today we're going to be doing a sonogram and would you like a 3-Dimensional sonogram or a 2-Dimensional one, honestly any type of sonogram creeps me out but it doesn't matter to me as long as I know my baby's okay.   "It doesn't matter, you decide" I swallow a small amount of 'spit' and then nervously look up he's just nodding and smiling but it sets the mood and I can tell he's a friendly person   "The sonograms are frightening to me too but I prefer 2-Dimensional is better because the 3-Dimensional one creeps me out the most." I can hear the sincerity in his voice and see the honesty in his eye. Okay I admit it my doctor's hot like... I don't know you tell me what's hot  


I nod in agreement and then flash him something that I hope is a dazzling smile, but guess what I think it was because he smiles back at me and when he leaves out of the room I hide my face in the pillow provided to me by the hospital, the blush creeping towards my cheeks and permeating the mass if my face. I hear a small knock and then a smiling Dr. Phillips moves into the room sitting on the small chair by his computer he starts to type who knows what he's typing.   "If you don't mind my asking how old are you because you look way too young to be a doctor, well in my opinion" I say pushing my face up from the crumpling pillow to look the man in the eyes (yep still stunning)   "24 and okay here we go and call me Luke" He lifts up my shirt and presses the cold gel over my stomach rubbing it all over, he then grabs a wand and looks down at me for assurance  

(Applause) "Thank you guise" I smile

Okay short crappy chapter but I'm not a damn genie so poof _That_NarryPower

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