I'll Be There

the day you and the sun died was when you left me and your child why would you leave me ? why would you leave your children? they will never known there father?


4. Misty Eyes

An: the baby's a boy by the way

~5 Months later ~

Ni can you get me some ice cream please

yeah babe he said with a smile

he came back into the living room with a bowl of dark chocolate ice cream

Thank you love I said

Ni I have a question

yeah shoot he said

Why did you want to stay with me even though i'm a freak like harry said getting misty eyed

You not a freak you beautiful gorgeous and all of the above you just perfect Aaron he said

By now I had stuffed myself with ice cream

Niall's Pov

Why cant Aaron see he's perfect I don't care if the baby is Harry's I'll be there i'm going to be this baby's father I went to peck Aarons cheeks

That's when he purposely turned and we kissed each other the kiss was long and passionate he tasted like chocolate it was so sweet I pull away you taste good I said with a smirk

a slow crimson color starts taking over his face

have you thought of names for the little boy in your belly

yeah I have I think this name is set in stone he said

Well what are you waiting for tell me I said exited

well your gonna get mad at the last name

I thought what was there to get mad at it was either Luzon or Horan wait he's not thinking Styles is he ??

well I was thinking William James Styles he said with a weak smile

anger boiled inside of me why would he just give our child that bastard's last name he doesn't deserve that

I don't think that's a good idea Aaron he might ask how he got that last name in the future I said

Well it's set in stone I want my child to have the last name styles he said a little irritated

Ok that's fine then it doesn't matter anymore I said


Aaron what do you want to eat I said

Umm your cock i mean chicken Alfredo he said

My eyebrows raised that was weird

We'll time to get him his food as I walk out the door

Aaron P.O.V.

what the fuck did I just say that what the fuck is wrong with me

Why hormones why do you have to make me so horny all the damn time Jesus


I pull down my sweat pants I was already hard I started pumping harder and faster moaning

N..Niall I moan before relieving to my surprise Niall standing there jaw open with my food in his hand I saw him staring i lowered my eyes to see the bulge in his pants I crawl over now on my knees pulling down his pants in one swift movement then slowly biting and dragging the elastic off only to meet Niall 8 inch monster in my face I slowly start licking the tip

Juju I don..t think this is ... Before he could finish his sentence I force his length in my mouth humming marketing him drop his head back in pleasure he was trying hard not to buck his hips but it didn't matter I start deepthroating him making my eyes misty

Juju I'm gonna ... He shot his warm load in the back of my throat I pull my mouth off of Niall's now soften length


what was that he asked still pleased

What do you mean I was horny and that was kinda a thanks for everything you've none for me I say blushing

We'll I'd like that reward anytime he said I need to take a shower now i said

Can I join he asked with a smirk on his face

Only if you want to big boy I say sexually

By now I have a bump and I hope that's not a turn off

I hop into the shower only to be greeted with a warm embrace by Niall he was behind me and his crouch was on my bum

I turn around and kiss him passionately I want you right here and now I say in between moans

are you sure he asked

will you just fuck me already I scream

fine he says

that was the best time ever all that left that shower was moans and screams of ecstasy that night I felt like a virgin again I felt a bond with Niall like we would forever be together Niall is the only one know who gives me misty eyes

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