I'll Be There

the day you and the sun died was when you left me and your child why would you leave me ? why would you leave your children? they will never known there father?


2. Halo

 he leave me ? I'm a freak of nature that's why boys aren't suppose to be pregnant but I am how is that possible why of all people I have nothing but my baby I must live on for my baby he or she will be strong like its daddy I stroke my stomach I believe my baby was conceived on Harry's birthday thinking about him makes me cry I ran upstairs to grab my phone i called the only person who would be there for me the phone was ringing

Ring Ring Ring

Juju you know what time it is it's like midnight what is it ??

Ni-Ni can you please come over ? my voice cracking I need someone right now my voice now lost in sobs

I heard Nialls voice change right away

I'll be there soon he said hanging up the phone minutes later the door of my bedroom burst open and Niall comes rushing to my side are you ok what happen

Ni-Ni he left me cause I'm a freak I don't deserve love

what are you talking ?? he asked

I'm pregnant that's why he left because I'm a freak why does this have to happen to me of all people

no your not Juju that's amazing that you can bear children do you know how many people wish they can do that I think Harry's a fucking retard for leaving since he's not going to be there for this child I will he said confidently

Ni you don't have to do that its fine I was thinking about not keeping the baby and ending the pregnancy I want harry I said

NO you wont do that I wanna be there if Harry's not going to be this child father I will I wanna do this you need someone else and I'm just the person to be there for you he said

are you sure about this are you sure you wanna take care of a child that isn't even yours

its set in stone Juju I'm going to be there he said looking in my eyes

my eyes started to water thank you so much Ni I love you

I love you to Juju he pulled me in a hug

I yawned I rubbed my eyes are you tired Juju he asked

I nodded and he picked me up and carried me to the bed you know I can walk right ? I said

yeah I just wanted to carry you he placed me down on the bed pulling the duvet over me

can you sleep next to me Ni-Ni I asked pushing my lower lip out he climbed in next to me pushing me to his embrace thank you I whisper  night Juju he said night Ni-Ni

That night I was with my angel I was surrounded my his embrace I saw his halo his crystal blue eyes and his was embrace I cant thank Niall enough why can't harry be like this  that night Niall's halo was shining bright as ever

A/N: hello people I hop you like this cause I'm working hard I really need 2 betas to help edit you will be put on the new cover for the fanfic so if your interested then just comment in the bottom a picture of Aaron is in the multimedia the song for this chapter is halo by Beyonce


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