I'll Be There

the day you and the sun died was when you left me and your child why would you leave me ? why would you leave your children? they will never known there father?


7. Get The Hell Out


Harry was punching Niall in the face I was trying to pull him off of him that's when Niall pushed back and started to fight Niall got off the bed and they started to fist fight

Please stop guys I whine  the straw that broke the camels back was when they both told me to shut the fuck up

"BOTH OF YOU GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW" I scream they both stop

"What" they say in unison


No they say

then I will you assholes I grab a big crud neck and leave both of them trying to stop me but I just kept going grabbing my messenger bag on the way out I run putting a protective hand over my baby bump I ran to the nearest Starbucks I ran in it was cold outside I went up to the counter

Hello I'm Louis I'll be your-.. he stopped he looked at me and I blushed

Umm can I get a large decaf coffee room for cream please I said

that will be that will be £3.75 I gave him a £5.00 bill you can keep the change

I grab my cup and put cream and 4 packs of sugar in it and take a seat on a stool I pull my phone out and am bombarded by texts from Harry and Niall asking where I am I didn't even bother to answer I just felt tears rushing down my face I honestly don't know what to do I felt a tap on my sholder and turn around to see my server

"well I know you don't know me but you seem upset" he said a little worried

all I did was fall in his arms crying I couldn't help it all I mumbled was I cant go back home please don't make me please

"you don't have a home well you could stay with me and my boyfriend" he said

Are you serious ?

yeah come on my shift is over lets go he said

we got in his car it was awkwardly silent

You have a pretty big crud neck on he said chuckling you kinda look like a two year old in his dads shirt he said

I giggled we pulled up to the front of his house  and we both got out I went to unlock the door and he walked in I followed

Zaynie-Poo i'm home he screamed through the house Lou someone screamed a tan boy with a black quaff and what looked like a baby bump ran downstairs

hi my babies he kissed him on the lips then his belly ohhh this is my friend ... he froze

Um Aaron and I have something to tell you two I pull off my crud neck to revel my baby bump

they both gasped and i'm guessing Zayn ran up to me and hugged me

I cant believe your pregnant to he said excitedly we could have midnight cravings together an talk names and stuff like that he pulled me into another hug

A-ir Air h-elp c-a-n-t Br-eath

Zayn let go he cant breath well since your gonna stay with up for a while you can sleep in the guest room Louis said

he lead me to the guest room and I laid down on the full size bed I miss Niall and Harry god I need to make up my mind

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