Close Your Eyes

Emma also known as Em, starts to recognize the magic around her. Her friends, her best friends, and even herself have something unique. Once they start finding each others powers, they take a road trip back to the past. Not only does Em have superpowers, but she also has a lover. She never knew she'd end up with someone so loving, caring, and hot as-


6. Unknown Number

I wake up feeling sick to my stomach. I instantly throw my legs out and on the floor, ruining my comfort position. I run to the bathroom, the liquid rising in my throat. I gag, and hit the toilet right on time.


"Mom!" I scream as tears flow down my jaw. It's not very loudly. So I keep screaming, not wanting to move. Then it comes again..


I wake up again at about 10. My mom let me stay home today instead of going to school. I don't feel as bad as before either. Probably because I took a shower. I hear a beep and a buzz. I reach and grab my phone from the side table. A text from an unknown number. I open up my phone and read.

Them: Hey. Where are you today?

Me: Uh..Who is this first?

Them: Oh. Sorry. It's Jack Harrow. I used to be your best friend.

Me: How did you get my number? I've switched phones over the years. Did you keep it all this time?

Jack: Well, I figured you'd come around again. You know, after what happened. I wanted to give you your space...

Me: So, you decided to text me while your in school?

Jack: It's kind of an emergency. 

Me: Okay.. What?

Jack: What does xylem mean again? :P

Me: Jack! 

Jack: Sorry, lol. No just kidding. I just wanted to see where you were. Get back to your day sleeping habits. :)

Me: Okay, Lol. 

I place my phone back onto the table, and rest my head in my hands. I can't believe him. I thought he would understand after what happened that the friendship wouldn't last. I should have slammed the door louder, more forcefully. I'm not sure how much time has flown by since the last time I talked with him, the last time we hugged, or the first time he kissed me. I throw the covers back on, and close my eyes. Deep breaths, I say. Deep, deep, breathes.


"It's time for dinner!" my mom screamed through the open doorway.

"Can Jackster eat with us?" I pleaded. 

"Please! We have to have real food for our house game," Jack smiled his non-forgiving smile. 

"Fine. Go make sure it's okay with your mom Jack."

"Yay!" I squeaked.

"Hold on," Jack started running fast to his house. He yelled through the screen door to ask his dad, his mom is at her second job.

He nodded towards us as he ran back over. 

"She said I could!" he smiled. 

We both took each other's hands, we're playing where we are a married couple, and we are going out to eat. I smiled and we giggled to each other. Our hands flew through the wind together, we will be best friends till the end. 

"Will you go on a date with me?" He played along.

"It would be my honor," I slightly winked. 

We got all of this from our parents, and from older couples. 


We hug and enter the house. As we sit at the dining table, we make small talk. Mostly about how we miss first grade, we're in second now! 

"Spiders!" Jackster screeches. 

"Where?" I ask as I look up. I guess I've been looking down. The walls start to fill up with giant spiders made of hair.Their eyes dart to me. All at once Jack turns into an evil monster, and the walls come tumbling down. They slowly reach the color of black, before they completely dissolve. The spiders fly towards the floor near Jack, but he laughs and says something I can't quite understand. All the spiders slowly file in around me, boxing me in. I scream.


"Help!" I wake up yelping and screaming. I point to the spiders on the wall, though there is none. As some seconds pass I regain my knowledge, and where I am. I calm myself down from the horrible nightmare. Spiders, are the worse. I reach to my phone to see what time it is, 1. I also see I have another text from Jack.

If you forgive me, or forgave me. Meet me.


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