Close Your Eyes

Emma also known as Em, starts to recognize the magic around her. Her friends, her best friends, and even herself have something unique. Once they start finding each others powers, they take a road trip back to the past. Not only does Em have superpowers, but she also has a lover. She never knew she'd end up with someone so loving, caring, and hot as-


8. Theories

"I need you to get here as soon as you can. It's extremely important! I'm at the library," Ally says.

I hold the phone up to my other ear, my right hand getting tired of being held up.We have been on this call for what seems like an hour. She's been explaining a theory about some supernatural group called The Faceless Brutes. Something along the lines of a group who all have different 'super powers'. Ally says that she read it in an old history book about the town. There's some type of 'leader' or she read somewhere that it was like the 'watcher'  of the universe. She makes me go crazy sometimes with her odd theories of supernatural creatures.

"Why do you need me though?" I ask her.

"I think I know who it could be, and I need someone to talk with about this." 

"Come on Ally. You know it's all fake. There's no such thing as super powers."

I walk around the living room, getting super bored with this conversation. I love her, but she's absolutely crazy!

"Please cuz! I'm not kidding about this! I have done so much research on this topic, and I've even met with some older people to ask them about it. Most of them said they saw it with their own two eyes! Old people don't lie!" 

"Ally. Really?" I ask, laughing a bit. 

"Yes really! Come on, for me?" she asks. 

"Fine," I reply rolling my eyes. 

"Thank you! Love you cuz! See you soon," she hangs up so I can't argue with her anymore. 

I walk over to where I slipped my shoes off eariler, and slipped them back onto my feet. I put my phone into my front pocket, scream at my parents that I'll be back later. 

"Where to?" my dad screams back. 

"Library. Again." I scream back. 

"Ally?" dad asks.

"Of course!"

I open the door, and head outside. Guess I'm going to walk, since it's nice outside. 


Ally greets me at the door, and rushes me inside to a table filled with books. 

"Okay. Look right here." she says pointing to the opened paged book.

I skim through the words until something interesting catches my eye. 


They try to stay hidden.............They only go through every other generation of the same family................It started when a group of friends created a potion. The potion of life..........At first it was not called a potion. They just mixed ingredients together and the outcome was power..........The first one to drink had become the leader of the pack, or group........She got the powers of time travel and psychic. She also got all the powers of the others............The others all had to share the second one......So they had to split the powers up... Speed....Animal talker and flying...Telepathic........World Speaker.....A healer..Night vision....Invisibility.....Weather controller.....Water breathing....Super strength......Mind control.........And force field. They called themselves the Faceless Brutes....


I read through intently to the next page. 


At first they did not know what the drink did to them, until a few weeks past after their 15th birthday....There was Joe Pop.. (Adam?) Darcy Stephen.. (Skylar?) Jen Sill (Hope?) Farah Sill (Kelly?) George Ceet (Carlos?) Millie Illborn (Nicole?) Carrie Hay (Frankie?) Payton Sail (Ally?) Max Gillbert (Amanda?) Jack Hill (Jayden?) Keaton Rile (Hames?)  Dillian Nimble (Wilbur?) Layla Thump (Jessie?) And the leader is me. Perry Hunt... (Me?Emma Hunt?)

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