Close Your Eyes

Emma also known as Em, starts to recognize the magic around her. Her friends, her best friends, and even herself have something unique. Once they start finding each others powers, they take a road trip back to the past. Not only does Em have superpowers, but she also has a lover. She never knew she'd end up with someone so loving, caring, and hot as-


2. Meet My Friends

The porch light flickers on and off before it completely turns on. I know it will be a short amount of time until Skylar shows up, knowing she's always the first to my parties. Not one minute late, not one second early. My 15th birthday party is the most special occasion I've ever had. First of all its a lucky number in my opinion. Secondly it's when you start your high school experience. At least for me anyway because my birthday is right before school starts. July 29. Today it's July 25.


I open the door to reveal my beautiful best friend Skylar. She walks in, dropping her bag on the ground, and squeezing me halve to death. I laugh and squeeze her back. Her mom walks back to her car after saying goodbye to Skylar, and waving towards my mom. She probably has places to be, being the busy mom she is anyway. Skylar takes her stuff to my room as I find my way toward the couch. When Skylar shows back up she takes a spot next to me, and we wait.

"You always gotta be first, eh?" I asked.

"Hey. At least I'm not late! I don't wanna miss any of the party," she giggles.

"There's a thing called waiting," I tease.

"Shutup, I can be here on time if I want," She says as she playfully smacks me.

This time there's not a bell ringing, but a sturdy knock that could knock over a brick house. Even the big bad wolf couldn't even manage to do that, loser. Skylar and I jump up to answer the door, I get there first and open the door to reveal the twins. Hope and Kelly. Their mom stood behind them, waved at my mom, and then kissed her daughters on the cheek. She then nods towards me with a smile, before she walks back to her car.

"Hey guys!" I smile as I open the door wider as if I was a professional door opener.

"Yo!" Sky says.

"Hiya," Kelly smiles.

"What's up?" Hope asks.

"Just chilling, as always," Sky says.


They throw their belongings into my room as well, and we all sit on the couch beside each other, waiting. We chit-chat as some time flies by, talking about drama and the news about Sky's boyfriend, Adam. We hear another knock on the door and a ring from the door, and this time, only I jump up. They're so lazy sometimes. I swing the door open, that's followed by a squeak, and see my cousin Ally. She smiles, and my aunt follows behind her.

"Happy birthday Emma!" Her mom, Harmony screams.

"Thanks!" I reply.

"Is Kat-my mom- around? Need to ask her if she wants some Avon stuff," She asks.

"No I'm not sure," I reply.

"Ah, alright then. I'll just catch her another time. Don't want to ruin the party," She explains.

"Okay," I say.

By the time we finish speaking Ally is sitting on the couch with the other girls, she already knows the drill. My aunt walks back through the door, and shuts it behind her.

I don't even dare sit back down, knowing I'll just have to get up again.


The cool air smacks my face as I open the door for Nicole. I shiver, and she rolls her eyes, she never gets cold. To be honest, it's unfair. She walks inside and I point towards my room, okay, this is only like her 3rd time over here, so I have to cut her some slack. Her mom comes in as well, and speaks to my mom that had walked in only moments earlier. She starts talking adult 'gibberish', they think we don't know what anything means. I listen in with my super hearing-I've been practicing- as they walk a little farther away.

"Yeah. I'm pretty sure Jordan told Kelly what the girls are feeling like."

"That's good. Maybe Kelly will try to do something about it. It's just middle school drama," my mom states.

"Yes. There is so much more these days, oh and by the way-"

I zone back in when I hear another knock on the door. I open it and see my girlish friend, Frankie. She wears a purple shirt with some dark jeans, and her black boots. Her scarf is black as well, and she pushes her way through in a jokily matter, and loudly says," I'm home!" My mom snaps out of her parent meeting, and glances at us with a smile across her face. Well this is it. Jessie said she couldn't make it.


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