Close Your Eyes

Emma also known as Em, starts to recognize the magic around her. Her friends, her best friends, and even herself have something unique. Once they start finding each others powers, they take a road trip back to the past. Not only does Em have superpowers, but she also has a lover. She never knew she'd end up with someone so loving, caring, and hot as-


7. Math Class

 His smile was even more outstanding today then it was yesterday. His lips curved to the right degree, and his eyes were piercing. I couldn't help but stare at the beauty of his complex skin. Get you head focused, I have to ace this math exam or i'll fail. I look down at my empty test paper, okay time to get started.


"Psshh!" a familiar voice whispers.

I turn, automatically at the sound. It's Jack, once again.

"What?" I reply quietly. 

He takes a quick look to see if the teacher is paying any attention, and then pulls out a folded paper. He hands me it quickly, and then looks back at his test again. May I mention it's awkward having Carlos in front of me, and then Jack to the right of me? I read the note anyways.


Did u get my message about meeting me? i think we needa meet after school 2 day. I have soccer tmorrow, and its actually important!


Yeah I did. I dunno about today, and you said that last time!:P


I wait until the teacher isn't looking again before handing it back to him. Problem 10. I don't think I should meet him today. He should know that I don't really care, but then again it would seem so rude. I also don't think he's over me, and that is what I need to get inside his tiny little brain. We can be friends and all, but I will never ever ever in a billion years go out with him again. Since we all know where that took us.



"You know, for a while now I've kind of tried to plan this moment. What I would say, what you would say back, but you can't really prepare for it. It's one of those moments you have to be in to know all the questions-"

"Just get to the point Jack!" I laugh.

"Sorry. I'm trying to make this perfect."

"Jack, just be you. Please? It seems like you have recited this over and over again," I tease. 

"I haven't!" he whines. 

"Uh huh," I smile.

"Anyway. You know how the valentines dance is coming up this Friday?" he continues.

"Yes," I reply. 

"I was uhh-" he pauses to scratch his neck," wondering if you wanted to-" he looks around blushing slightly," go with me."

I don't have time to think about what I should say if i'm trying to play hard to get, I automatically squeal a yes out of my throat.

"Really?" he asks excited. 

"Yeah," I say more cooly this time. 

"Just don't match me," I wink.

"Oh, I will," He smiles. 

For the first time in years he hugs me, and I don't object. I hug him back until he's ready to believe what just happened. His arms are comforting and light. Defiantly a new kind of hugging between us. He kisses me on the cheek, like normal, and then heads off to class. I run to mine too, after of course putting my hand up to my cheek. Normally he kisses my cheek as a friend kiss, but this was just more then that. I blush for the first time in my life, more then that.

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