Close Your Eyes

Emma also known as Em, starts to recognize the magic around her. Her friends, her best friends, and even herself have something unique. Once they start finding each others powers, they take a road trip back to the past. Not only does Em have superpowers, but she also has a lover. She never knew she'd end up with someone so loving, caring, and hot as-


10. Full Moon

As we turn on his street, we hear the pounding music in our ears. How loud do the stereos need to be? I can't make the words out, but the car rumbles to the bass. The moon shines bright in the sky, a full moon tonight! I smile brightly as we pull up in front of his house. Tonight, will not be the moon's. It will be mine.

"Ready?" Skylar asks.

"More then I'll ever be," I reply.

"You're excited. I can see it through-"

"Shut up! Let's go and have some fun," I interrupt.

I click the unlock button and throw myself out of the jeep. I jump onto the side walk, I turn to face Skylar, and start slowing walking backwards.

"Come o-" I bump into someone's body lightly.

I quickly turn to make sure they haven't fallen, and there he is staring directly at me. Carlos.

"Oh sorry," I say.

"It's fine. I was just coming to come greet you, but this works too I guess. You look great," he replies.

IHe was coming to greet me? Emma Hunt. Me? Actually me! I look great? Yes!

"Do you want a drink?" he asks.

"Sure," I reply as I stare into his memorizing eyes.

I turn back around to see Skylar standing behind me. Her eyes are big and bright, and she has a smirk on her face.

"You just talked with him," she mouths.

"I know!" I mouth back.

I make my way towards his medium sized house. A few bushes line up the path to his front door, that his held open by a doorstopper. The music grows louder as I enter, but there's so much more distracting things. Couples are making out on the couches, and the dance floor is packed with sweaty teenagers. The air is stuffy and warm. I squeeze by people to get to his kitchen, where I expect the drinks to be. I past the living room, where the music is coming from, and head into the arched kitchen. I then see him again, pouring two drinks.

"Need help?" I yell over the music, as best as I can anyway.

"I got it!" he yells back.

"I told them to turn it down a bit, but they just keep turning it up!" He adds.

Down a bit, turning it up?

"What!" I yell, as I couldn't hear what he was saying.

I walk a little closer to see if that helps, and instantly im pulled by his magnetic force and I'm standing beside him.

"I told them to turn it down a bit, but they keep turning it up," he says again as he turns to face me.

"Here you go," he smiles as he hands me a cup.

"Oh, and thanks," I smile back.

I quickly take a sip, to see if I like the taste. I barely can taste the alcohol, it's mostly fruity. I take another drink, this one more longer.

"One second," he says, as he heads to the living room.

I stand there beside his counter, waiting for him to return. A few moments later the music is turned down, a lot. I can hear the voice in my head. What are you doing with that drink? It's only one, and I'll only have a sip. No, you will keep drinking little girl. No I won't. I just want to have fun for one night, please. Brain just shut up! I don't think that is possible. I take a sip of the drink again.

"Sorry, I wanted it to be turned down. So we could talk," he says.

 About what? Is it something important, is he going to finally pop the question? No. You wont ever go away will you? No. Urgh.

"Mhh," I say.

"How have you been?" he asks.

"Okay. What about you?" I copy.

"I'm okay."

"Okay?" I ask, wondering why he isn't great or perfect.

"Yes. I'm just okay."

"Okay?" he starts to laugh.

"Okay." I repeat.

I laugh, loudly, as I can't hold it in anymore. I feel a few pair of eyes on me, and that's when I stop. Why do I embarrass myself every time! I look up to meet Carlos's eyes. His head is tilted, and a smile is suppressed on his lips. I drink again.

"Uhh. Sorry," I say as I rub my neck and look down.

"No. Don't be sorry for something so stupid," he smiles.

And this is why I like you. You need to be studying your powers. No. Im fine! I hate you little voice. I finish off the rest of the drink.

"Need more?" he asks.

"Yes please!" I smile.


My brain is twirling around in a patch of flowers. Everything in this world is beautiful. There's no robbery, broken-hearts, or killers. It's all made of love. My throat is a totally different story. It's burning in flames like hell, but it feels too good to remove it. My feet are wobbling, but I continue to dance with him. Whoever he is.


"Y-yes?" I ask.

"Do you need a break," I hear a familiar voice. Carlos?

"N-n-n-o-o," I reply.

"Come on," he says.

I keep dancing. I don't want this happy feeling to go away. I feel an arm pull me away from my dance partner. I push his hands away.

"St-ooo-pp," I try to yell.

Another hand come into the picture and they push Carlos away. I hear screaming, but I have no idea what's happening. Everything is blurry. I only see two men fighting. One of them Carlos, the other my dance partner. I wobble to their little fight, and stand in-between them.

"D-do-nt. F-fi-gh-t-t, oo-ve-r m-e."

I take another sip of my drink.

"Your drunk. Go home," a voice says.

"Let her have fun man! She's probably having a hard time," another voice says.

I start to get dizzy. My brain feels like exploding. My eyes squeeze tightly. I fall. I die. I fly. I have powers.

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