Close Your Eyes

Emma also known as Em, starts to recognize the magic around her. Her friends, her best friends, and even herself have something unique. Once they start finding each others powers, they take a road trip back to the past. Not only does Em have superpowers, but she also has a lover. She never knew she'd end up with someone so loving, caring, and hot as-


4. Do Not Regret

  I scan the room once more for him before I give up on finding his seat. I focus on the people at my table for a distraction. Jayden, Hames, Skylar, Hope, Kelly, and Frankie are sitting around the circular table. I swipe the hair from my face and try to actually listen.

 "Urgh. I hate Mondays," Hope says.

"Who doesn't," Frankie states.

"Weird people," I reply.

I look over at Jayden and Hames, their holding hands lightly. It's very rare that they do, because normally everyone makes fun of them since their both guys in a relationship. Personally, I think it's cute when their together. Jayden, I would say is more of the guy, and Hames would I guess be more of the girl. They have been best friends since they were young, maybe around seven. I'm pretty sure they were neighbors, and as they grew they just became closer, that's what Jayden told me. Hames had told me that when he had been questioning if it was more then a friendship in the 6th grade. He wasn't exactly sure, but at that time he had a girlfriend named Sara. Surprisingly they have been together for a few years, even after years of being made of fun. I guess it really is true love.

I tune back into the conversation.

"When is that Spanish assignment due?" Skylar asks.

"I think next Friday," Kelly says.

"Oh. Okay good. I still have time to do it," she replies.

"You haven't even started!" yells hope.

"Hey! I've been busy okay," Skylar says.

"Right," Hope devilishly smiles.


I tune out again, and automatically my brain thinks of him again. Carlos. I look around again and finally spot his table and his friends. His brown, curly hair sits atop his head looking as smooth as can be. I smile. I put his eyes into the picture, the brown darkness. They look like there's nothing behind them, but everyone has something. I stop staring, knowing I've stared quite to long. I realize that the table has gone shushed, and when I see the eyes planted on my face, I know something is about to happen.

 "Go talk to him," Kelly says.

 "No. I can't during lunch, I'll be yelled at," I reply.

 "But it's true love," Skylar winks.

 "Talk!" Hope starts to chant.

 "Later guys," I say hoping they will stop causing attention.

 "Now," Hames joins.

 "Yes! Now," Jayden says.

 Skylar and Hope give each other the devilishly look, that soon enough travels to me. They both hop up from their seats and make their way to me.

"No! Leave me alone," I cry.

"Not this time," they laugh.

Each of them pull me up by the arms, and push me towards his table. I try not to notice the eyes of students nearby, and try to think clearly. What do I do? Am I making a fool out of myself, again? How hard is it to tal- He looks over his shoulder at what his friends are looking at. Me. I blink, and he stares at me curiously. I stare back, but he doesn't seem to like it. He turns around again, leaving me there frozen. Everyone starts to figure out the situation and laughs, at me.

"Yeah. She's kinda creepy," he says loud enough for me to hear.

A stand frozen solid as he looks back at me again with a smirk. I hold the tears back as far as they will go. I don't move for what seems like hours until I feel two hands on my shoulders, they pull me back into reality.


"What the heck was that! You just stood there," Hope almost yells.

"I told you I couldn't do it," I reply.

"Come on Em. You're stronger then that," Kelly says.

"Not really. He breaks my walls down," I reply.

"Then make those walls stronger!" Hope says.

"Shut it Hope. That's adorable," Skylar reassures me, or at least tries to.

"Thanks," I say.

"Uh, huh. You'll talk with him right? Like text him after school," Skylar asks.

"I don't know. He probably doesn't want to talk," I say as I remember the stalking words," She's kinda creepy."

"Come on! You have to, or you'll regret it. You know you will," Frankie says butting in.

"Stop bothering me about it, please," I beg, wanting to just get the day over with.

"Fine," Hope rolls her eyes," You need to tell him you love him," she silently says.

I don't respond.


I pull my phone out of my backpack as the bell jingles one last time today. I squish down the on button and start walking out of the door.

"Bye Mrs. Hill," I say before stepping out.

"Goodbye Emma!" She replies with her usual loud voice.

As I hop down the stairs the Apple logo fades away and my lock screen comes up, a beautiful picture I took at the beach. I wait a few moments, walking down the last hallway, to see if any new messages come up. One comes up from my mom, I read it from the lock screen.

Mommy- You need to babysit today. I'll pick you up later, lov-

It cuts it off there, but I already know the rest of the message. Love you. I decide to wait until I'm on the bus to reply. I love you too mom.

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