Close Your Eyes

Emma also known as Em, starts to recognize the magic around her. Her friends, her best friends, and even herself have something unique. Once they start finding each others powers, they take a road trip back to the past. Not only does Em have superpowers, but she also has a lover. She never knew she'd end up with someone so loving, caring, and hot as-


5. Baseball is Not My Sport.

 I question the question should I text him or no as I get squeezed between two elementary kids. What would I say if I texted him, wouldn't it just be awkward? She's kinda creepy. The words don't seem to want to leave me alone. I should really learn to forget my fears and just go with the flow. Texting him can't be that bad, plus I'll get a small chat with him. Yes, this will help me. This text could mean everything to me in the future, or will it?

You- Hey! 


You- What's up?

Carlos- Nothing.

You- Cool. I guess. 

Carlos- What happened with you in lunch today? 

You- What are you talking about? Nothing happened.

Carlos- You're a very bad liar. Did you need to tell me something? You seemed like you were walking my way. 

You- Oh. I was just going to-

I pause in the middle of my text to squish in more as some high school kids pass by. Maybe I could take this as a excuse.

You- ask Adam something. Skylar was being super lazy, and then I forgot what she told me to ask. So I stood there and tried to remember. That's all.

Carlos- Oh. Did you end up asking him whatever she needed?

You-Nope. I didn't see him after school or in the hallways. I'm sure she will text him or something later. 

Carlos- Okay. 

You- Yeah. Guess so. I hate being squished into a seat.

Carlos- I know what you mean. I was wondering if you wanted to maybe hang out later. Me, Adam, and the others were thinking about going to the baseball park. I think Adam is asking if Skylar wants to go too. 

He knows who his is talking to right? Emma. The girl that's creepy, in his eyes. The girl that is completely different, who doesn't look like a model. Who's just Emma, and nothing else. Why is he asking me to go?

You- Maybe. I'll see if I can catch a ride. What time?

Carlos- About 6.

You- Okay.

Carlos- I got to go though, see you soon. xx

This is just getting strange...


"I told you! I, Told, You!" Skylar says as I jump into her parents' car.

"Shush!" I exclaim.

"Hello blondie," Mendy greets.

"Hey!" I smile.

Mendy has always called me Blondie because of my luscious, long, blonde hair. The first time I went over to Skylar's home, it's not to far away from my dads, Mendy greeted me with Megan. Then over the night I stayed she started to call me Blondie, and it stuck.

The radio is silently playing in the background as we take turns left and right until we reach our destination. We jump out of the car, Mendy smiles and waves, and we walk up to them.


"Comon. I wanna show you something," Carlos says.

He looks over to Adam and Skylar who are laughing and giggling, and then he gets up from the picnic table.

"They won't notice us gone for a few moments. Let's go," He says while motioning to follow.

I get up, and follow.


"Why exactly are we walking through the woods?" I ask him.

"Because," He says.

"Okay," I reply oddly.

He stops, motions me to a log, and I sit.

"It's a game that I like to play. You close you eyes, and count. It sounds childish, but it's fun. Trust me," He smiles, a little to weirdly.

"Uh. Okay?" I say and close my eyes.

"Count to fifty and then you can open your eyes."

"Mhkay," I reply.

1..2..3.. I hear leafs being smashed..4..5..6...7.. The footsteps fading away..8...9..10..11.. The wind swirls in my ears..12..13..14..15..16..17.. I hear rushing of water. Peaceful water. So peaceful. I relax. 18..19..20.. I almost clasp and fall asleep. The air sweeps around me again.. 21..22..23..24..


I open my eyes after counting to fifty. I look around, but I'm not in the woods anymore. I'm waking up, the sun hitting my eyes. I throw the covers off of me, and rub my eyes, tired. My feet collide with the floor as I get up to walk to a mirror like I always do when I wake up. My hair flown on my back, down my spine. The coldness in my eyes make me look like the devil. I must be really  tired. My clothes are the same as what I had on in the woods, a crop-top with the number 14 on it, and some capris with a loose belt.

"Let's go! You're going to be late for school if you don't hurry it up," my mom is knocking hard on the door before walking in.

"You can't wear that to school! You have five minutes," she says.

"School? It's still Monday afternoon," I say.

"No.. It's Thursday."

"Are you okay," she asks.

"Yeah. I'm fine," I say oddly.

I clench my fists back together lightly, and close my eyes as I try to figure this out. How the heck did I get here? Wasn't this last week? Am I dreaming? Maybe I should count again.. 1...2...3...4... It's not working. 5....6....7...8...Come on! Wake up! 9...10... Do I have to count backwards? 50...49...48...47...46


"Toss it over here!" Carlos smiles over at me. 

I look down to see a baseball in my hand. Did that little small talk flashback thing change everything?


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