Make A Wish

One day Lauren ends up breaking her leg so her mom decides to take her to the doctor, she finds out she has stage 5 bone cancer, she starts chemo quickly, but is losing, what happens when make a wish calls telling her that 5 boys want to see her?


1. the news

"Lauren, you're going to be late for your soccer game!" My mom called. this was a big game because scouts were going to be there. "Coming!" i said as i ran down the stairs. I grabbed my Ipod off the cylinder table by the front door and ran for my moms car. "are you excited?" My asked as we were pulling out of the driveway."Yes, but i'm so nervous! What if i mess up or they don't like me?" I asked all these thoughts were running through my head. "They'll love you!" She said. I just put my headphones in and started playing one direction. 

When we got there the talent scouts were already in there place watching the other girls practice, nerves were building up in my stomach. "Lauren calm down, you got this" I said trying to reassure myself. Before i knew it the game was starting. I was the starter infielder and the team we were playing was really good. I was doing really good under all this pressure, then the worst happened, I was trying to pass the ball and one of the girls flew into my leg and i heard a crunch and I fell to the ground. I cried in pain as my coaches ran on the field. The next thing i know i was on a stretcher being put into an ambulance.

"Well your leg is definitely broken" "Now I won't be able to finish my season" I said looking disappointed. "But that's not the only thing we found, Jackie if you could sit down" He gestured to my mom, she sat down and he continued to talk, "Lauren, there's no easy way for me to say this, you have bone cancer" My mom broke into tears and i just sat there in shock. I can't have bone cancer, how? "What stage?" I asked, afraid of what the answer would be" "You have... stage five" I broke down into tears. "We have to start chemo soon, and Lauren your soccer days are over" I sat there and cried because soccer was the only thing i lived for.

When i got home, I could smell the pasta cooking. "How'd it go baby?" My dad asked turning the corner, "What happened to you?" He asked. "I broke my leg" "Oh well you'll be back on the soccer field in no time" I broke down in tears and went and sat on the couch in the living room. "Whats wrong sweetie? Broken bones heal" He said rubbing my shoulders. At that point my mom had sat on the couch holding back tears. "Dad, I have stage five bone cancer" I said bursting into tears again. He just sat there in shock. He came over and sat by me and rubbed my shoulder. Just then my moms phone rang, she left to go answer it. we sat there in silence until my mo came back, "Lauren, you wont be able o be at school that much anymore, when your chemo starts you're going to weak and you could get sick easier" I just sat there "I'm going to go up stairs" I said getting my crutches and  standing up.

When I got upstairs I called my best friend Ashley. "Hey girl! How'd it go?" She asked cheerfully. "I have stage five bone cancer" the line went quiet then i could hear her start to cry, "How did you find out?" She asked. "I broke my leg today and when the X rays got back the doctor saw it" I explained, "hey can you come over, I really need you right now" "Of course" she said before hanging up.When Ashley got to my house we started talking about what was going to happen. "I was going to give you a surprise but i don't think you could go now" Ashley said trailing off, "Since it's our senior year and i thought you would be at Stanford playing soccer I got us front row tickets to a one direction concert and meet and greet passes" "Ashley!" I aid hugging her,"That's the sweetest thing anybody has ever done for me, I wish I could go though" I said frowning. One direction were my inspiration to keep playing soccer. We just played FIFA and watched movies until she left.

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