Make A Wish

One day Lauren ends up breaking her leg so her mom decides to take her to the doctor, she finds out she has stage 5 bone cancer, she starts chemo quickly, but is losing, what happens when make a wish calls telling her that 5 boys want to see her?


2. getting worse

3 months later

Laurens POV

I just laid in my bed not even able to cry because I had no tears left. I had to be extra careful when I did things because of how easy I could break my bones. My cancer hasn't spread but it hasn't gone away. "Hey Ashley!" I said propping myself up. I was so weak and tired it wasn't even funny. "Hey Lauren!" She said happily sitting next to me on my bed. "How are you feeling?" She asked. "Not much better, but living everyday great, so what are you wearing to the concert tonight?"  "Probably this" Ashley said looking at herself, "I wish you could go." "I know, I wish I could meet them" Ashley jut looked down at the floor with sorrow in her eyes. "Well I hope you have a fun time tonight, I love you Ashley!" she said hugging me.

Ashley's pov

As I was pulling out of my best friends driveway an idea popped into my head, i'll tell them about her! When I pulled up to the venue with my sister we had an hour until we could go inside so I just decided to go on twitter. They finally let us in and my sister and I found our seats we were the front row so we could touch the stage, it was cool! One direction came on stage and everyone started screaming, they were so beautiful in person. the concert lasted about an a hour and a half and then we waited in the meet and greet line. I wanted to be last so I could have as much time as I could to talk to them. When it came to my turn security pushed us along 'Hey boys I have to tell you something" "What is it love?" Liam asked. "My best friend is a huge fan of you, and shes-" I was cut off by security "If you aren't going to get a picture then you can leave" I was so angry, I started to cry and I walked off. Just as I was about to get to the door someone touched my shoulder. "What did you have to tell us?" Harry asked, "Don't listen to security" He smirked. I smiled a little and continued to talk. "Okay" I started again trying not to cry. "My best friend has stage 5 bone cancer and she's losing her fight" At this point I was crying, " And she was supposed to come but she was to sick and I was just wondering if you would want to meet her because I know she wants to meet you" I said. They all hugged me and I heard sniffles. "Of course we would" Zayn said. "Thank you so much, I love you guys" I said smiling. "We love you too" Thy all said.

The boys talked to Laurens mom to see if it was okay with her and she said it was. I went into her room first. "Hey Lauren!" I said hugging he lightly so I wouldn't break her. "Hey Ash" How was the concert?" She asked. "It was great!" I said

Laurens POV

Ashley was acting really weird, she kept over smiling for some reason, it was probably just the excitement from the concert. just then I heard a knock at the door. "Mom I'm fine thanks for checking on me!" but it wasn't my mom who showed up it was the boy band who kept me strong through this whole thing. "Oh my god!" I said covering my mouth. "Hey" they all said smiling. "Hi" I said shocked. "How..? What...?" They just laughed and Harry said "Ashley told us about everything, I don't know about the other boys, but you're my inspiration to keep moving. Ever since she told us last night I think about things that I complain about doing but it's like if you can do it then I can do with out complaining" "You're an angel" I said tearing up. He just lightly hugged me. "Well thanks Harry now anything we say to get her to not give up won't compare to yours" we all laughed. "Can we all get a picture with you?" They asked. "What?.. You're asking me for a picture? Shouldn't it be the other way around. They just laughed and Harry and Niall got on one side and Zayn, Liam, and Louis got on the other side. Ashley snapped the picture. The boys stayed for another hour and a half and then left because I got tired.

Harrys POV

We got back to the hotel after we met Lauren. I went on twitter and attached the picture of the boys and Lauren @/Harry_styles met an inspiration today. XX


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