One and Only

(This is the sequel to 'My Biggest Surprise,' so read that first) Jess is still traumatized about her parent's death. The only people she has to help her get through with it are One Direction. When Harry gets in the way again, what will Jess do about it? Will she find out who killed her parents, or will it remain a mystery?


4. Visit from the police

Jess's POV

One Direction left the hospital a few hours ago, and I have been sleeping, hoping that I would just rot up and die soon. I was waking up on and off, feeling nausea. The nurses were always offering me food, but I just wasn't in the mood for it.

I was about to fall asleep, but I had a guest. It was the nice officer that surprised me with the news that my parents were dead. I sat up, wondering what he could possibly be doing here. He took a seat, and the room filled with a silence as I waited for him to speak.

"Hello, Jess. I hope you are feeling alright." He said after a minute. "Well, not really. Not to be rude, but is there any reason you are here?" I asked him. He chuckle, then said, "Yes. We think your incident was caused by the same people that murdered your parents. We just don't know who this person is yet." My emotions filled with worry, and my heart rate sped up.

The officer must have noticed, because of the heart monitor, and tried to calm me down. He got me a cool glass of water, and told me everything was going to be alright. I was calm, but not enough to believe it. "We will try everything that we can to find out who killed your parents. Don't you worry." He gave me a friendly hug and walked out.

I couldn't stop replaying what just happened in my head. This was all so stunning to me, I was flabbergasted. All I knew was, I need to get out of this hospital. That was my last thought until my eyes felt heavy, and I fell asleep.



Hey guys! Sorry for the short chappie! I was just out of thoughts for this little scene. Don't worry, I will make it longer soon! xoxo, Samantha <3

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