One and Only

(This is the sequel to 'My Biggest Surprise,' so read that first) Jess is still traumatized about her parent's death. The only people she has to help her get through with it are One Direction. When Harry gets in the way again, what will Jess do about it? Will she find out who killed her parents, or will it remain a mystery?


15. The person at the doorstep

After Harry turned on the TV, someone came to the doorstep. I answered the doorstep, since Harry wasn't the best walker right now. When I opened the door, there was a policeman.

"Hello, is Jess Garcia here?" the policeman asked me. "I am Jess. You can come inside if you'd like." I tried to be as nice as I can, because I don't know what they want.

Harry's POV

The doorbell rang, and I would've gotten the door, but since my leg really hurt, Jess was kind enough to answer me. I just continued watching TV, until Jess came in followed by a police officer. I suddenly stood up from the couch, but feel back down because of my leg.

"Hello officer, nice to see you today." I tried to be nice to him. "Well, not with the news I'm giving you." Jess got worried and sat on the couch next to me. "What exactly is the news?" I asked.

The police officer spoke, "We just investigated the crime scene over in the woods. We found a few people dead, three of your friends, which we found with the fingerprints, were killed by the people that were dead. Security footage caught you two running out of the house, with your leg bandaged up. The others that were killed, were killed by knives. They had Jess's fingerprints on them. Jess is accused of murder for twenty people."

We were both stunned. I could feel Jess start to tear up. I held her closer, just to let her know that I was here for her. "I'm sorry Jess, but that is what the evidence says." the officer said. He started to walk away, "Wait, I-" Jess started. "Save it for the judge." The officer said then walked out.

Jess and I were cuddled up on the couch, watching Disney movies all night. We were silent, but we started relaxing by the end of the night.

At midnight, I carried Jess up to my bed, and we cuddled together. I eventually fell asleep, making sure Jess was asleep before me.



Hey guys! Sorry for all of the tragic incidents, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. Lol. Actually I got this idea from Brookxxie. You should read her stories, cuz they are awesome! Don't forget to like, favorite, and comment! xoxo, Samantha <3

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